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Advantech Brings in Computer Integrated cart solution for Medical Operations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: The health care system is characterized by high and rising healthcare costs as well as gaps in quality, safety, equity, and access. Embedded modules and system manufacturer, Advantech has come forward to bridge those gaps by launching AMiS-30i medical cart with iPS-M210S power system.

This simple yet powerful model redefines physicians regular rounds, especially in emergency room and ICU. The AMiS-30i medical cart is well equipped with a LiFeP04 battery, enhanced Internet connectivity.

With its handy and easy to integrate laptop and tablet for mobile healthcare solutions the cart also offers a more economic and lightweight option ideal for general hospital applications, such as bedside documentation and EMR management.

Since there’s always a need of medical carts to deliver daily patient care in between rooms, AMiS-30i provides a flexible solution for easy transformation into nursing cart and dispensing cart. The manual driven cart comes furnished with large wheels suitable for various floor surface types, as well as front rear rubber handles to ensure a comfortable no-slip grip. With height adjustment option it also has tray top, providing users a large working space that can endure weight up to 20kg for daily operations.

The system is embedded with medical-grade iPS-m210s power system for enhanced intelligent power management. It is powered by Intel Celeron processor and uses LiFeP04 cell technology to deliver energies of 210 Wh with long life battery.

Integrated with intelligent power system it allows hospitals to remotely monitor and manage the battery status, and configure battery parameter settings, such as a low battery alarm, battery temperature, charge/discharge voltage and cycle times, as well as current and accumulated discharge times. It also provides a stable Wi-Fi connection to the carts ensuring internet facility while it moves to several locations around a hospital.