Ambient Clinical Analytics Solutions Proves Crucial in Saving Life
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Ambient Clinical Analytics Solutions Proves Crucial in Saving Life

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 1, 2018

ROCHESTER, MN: Ambient Clinical Analytics Solutions, a healthcare organization that provides innovative bedside analytics and tools to support life, proves vital in saving life. A case in point is about a life that was saved using Ambient Clinical’s AWARE Sepsis DART software platform, which was highlighted in the Rock Health Impact Project, an initiative that showcases the impact of digital health technologies on patients.

Ambient Clinical’s AWARE Sepsis DART software is a real-time clinical decision support tool that can be used in any critical care setting. The software discovers the budding Sepsis conditions and guides care coordinators through detection and care delivery with FDA Class II clearance standard.

The story is about Kevin Kronmiller, who was diagnosed with a liver disease at the age of 22 and the life expectancy in the wake of this diagnosis was said to be 5 years without a transplant. Although Kronmiller beat the odds, when he grew 50 year old, a transplant became indispensable. After the surgery, Kronmiller went into septic shock and had to be resuscitated another time. Having endured the liver disease and a transplant, Kevin was now given only a 30 percent of survival chance. However, by leveraging Ambient's AWARE Sepsis DART software, the clinicians were able to find the right antibiotics to save Kronmiller’s life. The result was that he got back to healthy living, six weeks later.

“It is stories like this that validate the mission of Ambient Clinical Analytics” says Allen Berning, Chief Executive Officer at Ambient. “Our software saves lives, and the hospitals that embrace our technology can improve mortality and mitigate patient risk. We are delighted to learn the outcome of Kevin’s story and to know that he has become an advocate for our product”.

Mayo Clinic has recently published a research stating that AWARE is a unique acute care electronic medical record interface that has built-in tools for practice surveillance, error prevention, and decision support and reporting. The research says that AWARE will significantly enhance the patient hospital experience and minimize the time spent and the costs while taking the treatment in the hospital. With AWARE, the hospital was able to witness a 50 percent decrease in stay of patient in ICU that reduces the expense by 30 percent.

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