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Managed Health Care Associates Releases Metric-Rx, an Advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Platform

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Managed Health Care Associates, a health care services and technology company, releases Metric-Rx data analytics platform. It is the latest technology offering within the Net-Rx reimbursement suite of services.

Metric-Rx is an advanced business intelligence and data analytics platform. The platform integrates pharmacy data from a wide range of sources and provides customers with an actionable, multi-tiered view of their business in the form of user-friendly dashboards, reports and data visualization tools that highlights essential insights such as profitability and utilization metrics. The platform is designed for long term care and retail pharmacies.

"The Metric-Rx platform is designed to help drive pharmacy efficiency and operating excellence. Metric-Rx directly aligns with the way pharmacies run their business. This innovative technology platform gives the pharmacy the data needed and insight to answer critical business questions that until now were hard to quantify," states Chad Hammerstrom, Vice President, MHA Health Care Technology Services.

"With Metric-Rx, we've built a unique application that aggregates a rich and expansive data set with intuitive user-driven analytics that help pharmacies better understand critical business drivers such as gross profitability and payer comparisons," comments Rene Bloemke, Director of Pharmacy Services, Net-Rx.