MHA: Clinical Therapy Management Software, to Ease Pharmacy Communications

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 18, 2014

FLORHAM PARK, NJ: Managed Health Care Associates (MHA), the healthcare and technology company focused on alternate site health care providers, has launched a software module for MHA Clinical Therapy Management (CTM) for Immune Globulin therapy. The software provides pharmacies with a clinical support pathway for the specialty pharmacy providers to enhance patient care. It also facilitates, collecting essential clinical and dispensing metrics for specialty reporting.

Stacey Ness, Director, MHA Specialty Clinical Services, said, “The Immune Globulin Therapy module is designed to ease the documentation of pharmacy communications with the patient, the doctor’s office, and the payer. It is also proposed to help the pharmacy support its patients in achieving optimal therapeutic outcomes. The software allows the pharmacies to clinically manage and assess different and complex indications and to track patient reported outcomes over time”.

Erik Halstrom, Vice President, MHA Specialty Pharmacy Solutions, added, “The CTM software module for Immune Globulin therapy is the brainchild born out of the understanding of  specific needs of payers, providers and manufactures who are focusing more on the data and improved patient outcomes”.