Hyland: Enterprise Content Management System to Offer Case-Management Approach on Cloud

Bill Priemer, President and CEO
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are critical to improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs. To create complete patient records, healthcare organizations are augmenting their EMR with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Through this integration, clinicians have access to a more complete patient record to make better informed decisions regarding patient care. OnBase® by Hyland, an enterprise content management and process management software suite, addresses these needs. Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, the company also provides a wide range of professional services like data-conversion, ECM consulting and document imaging services to help organizations streamline processes while empowering their workforces in the healthcare sector.

Today’s clinical and professional staff needs new ways to work, along with solutions that support dynamic and often unpredictable processes. Integration of data is the key here: OnBase captures, stores, and manages information electronically in one centralized and secure database and makes it accessible within existing business applications, including EMR and ERP systems. Available on-premises or hosted in the cloud, OnBase validates the data and automatically associates new information with any related documentation already in the system, offering a case management approach to solve business problems and provide organizations with a complete view of all the information they need.

Tailored for departments but comprehensive for the enterprise, OnBase extends to mobile devices as well. Through a customizable, intuitive interface, users instantly retrieve all the information they need to make business decisions when, where and how they need it. Annual OnBase releases include thousands of customer-driven enhancements, assuring continuity to provide the features and functionality customers need.

“Customers want solutions that meet the needs of the business and IT,” says Bill Priemer, President and CEO, Hyland, creator of OnBase.
“They’re seeking enterprise- class performance and mid-market flexibility. Most of all, they want innovation that respects how things get done in the real world.” “Our solutions give organizations around the world real control over their information and processes, simplifying everyday tasks and giving them the freedom to pursue true innovation,” he adds.

OnBase approaches business relationships with the mindset that all parties involved have a common goal that will be accomplished faster through collaboration as partners. Out of the many success stories OnBase has under its belt, their solution for the MetroHealth System really blazes a trail. MetroHealth system’s paper- based manual processes slowed down operations in every department. The challenge was to eliminate paper and optimize processes enterprise-wide.

MetroHealth needed a solution that would integrate with their existing systems; hence they chose OnBase, which met the needs of both administrative and clinical departments, and curbed manual indexing. By integrating OnBase with platforms like Lawson and Epic, MetroHealth ensured fingertip access to the most up-to-date data available in their multiple departments across multiple locations.
Providing more than 12,900 lifetime customers across the globe with real-time solutions, OnBase foresees expanding its mobile capabilities. Being the creator of one of the first ECM products with a mobile offering, OnBase intends to empower customers to act on business-critical information and processes directly from a mobile device through a seamless integration with smartphones and tablets.

Our solutions give organizations around the world real control over their information, simplifying everyday tasks and giving them the freedom to pursue true innovation

Hyland, Creator of Onbase

Westlake, OH

Bill Priemer, President and CEO

OnBase is a flexible and comprehensive content management system (ECM) solution that helps organizations manage documents, data and images to stream line business and clinical operations.