PerfectServe, Inc.: Enhancing Care Team Collaboration Across the Continuum

Terry Edwards, President & CEO
As the need to better co¬ordinate patient care among providers across facilities increases, enabling more reliable, secure and collaborative communication processes has climbed up the priority list for healthcare organizations. However, most of the existing solutions fail to address the complexity inherent in today's clinical communication-driven workflows and processes. With its core mission to address this challenge, PerfectServe streamlines and secures clinical communications across the entire health care continuum by automatically identifying and providing immediate connection to the right care team members. “PerfectServe connects clinicians to the right providers, which helps them make decisions more quickly and speed time to treatment,” says Terry Edwards, President and CEO.

With an industry presence of more than a decade, PerfectServe has been providing best of breed solutions to its clients. “PerfectServe’s core differentiation is the ability to assemble and maintain dynamic, intelligent routing algorithms for each practitioner and other care team members. This improves communications process accuracy and helps hospitals better manage risk and improve patient safety and operational efficiency,” says Edwards. PerfectServe offers practical solutions that minimize communications breakdowns by systematically organizing all the variables at play for every clinical communications workflow. “We assist healthcare organizations by making it easy for one care team member to contact the right person they need to coordinate with at the right time,” adds Edwards.

“Many of our clients want to standardize their communication processes and bring all of their healthcare providers under one single platform,” explains Edwards.In the deployment process, PerfectServe consultants work with providers on a regular basis to learn their communication process rules, suggest improvements and then configure the dynamic routing algorithms into the platform.
“With access provided by a mobile application, web and the phone, clinicians can simply click on or say the name of the person they want to reach and PerfectServe Synchrony will connect them to that provider or the right person covering given the clinical situation and other variables such as time, day, originator’s role, call schedules and more,” he adds. With an aim to speed up the communication cycle, the company allows for faster information exchange and reduces delay in treatment.

PerfectServe is unique in its ability to facilitate clinical communication workflows by automatically identifying and providing connection to the right care team member

The solution automatically identifies and provides immediate access to the right care team member and enables effective population health management by enabling communication-driven clinical workflows. With the help of this solution, PerfectServe users are able to expedite patient transition events and also facilitate timely care team collaboration. “We have been and will continue to be a strategic partner in helping to break down communication silos and improving quality metrics,” claims Edwards.

PerfectServe stands ahead of the competition for its ability to enable communications by resolving and providing solutions in a very dynamic way. The company is further expanding its capabilities and increasing investments to round out the evolving needs of care teams. PerfectServe is also increasing investments to bring patients on its platform. Since inception, PerfectServe has been helping clinicians provide better care and expedite time to treatment while addressing HIPAA compliance. “We make it easy for clinicians to quickly connect with the care team members they need to collaborate with to coordinate care,” responds Edwards.

PerfectServe, Inc.

Knoxville, TN

Terry Edwards, President & CEO

A single, secure clinical communication and collaboration platform that unites the care team in any care setting, across the care continuum.