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David Brown, Founder & CEO
According to the Population Reference Bureau, the number of Americans aged 65 and older will double by 2060 to 98 Mn; representing almost 24 percent of the population. As our country faces this dynamic against the backdrop of an already dramatically increasing cost of healthcare, it is no surprise that Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated alternative payment models that expand the term “episode” to include “all related care within 90 days of hospital discharge” as well as provide reimbursement for monthly management of beneficiaries with two or more chronic conditions.

Well before CMS was working toward these changes, David Brown began a profession in behavioral healthcare. After twelve years of practice, he discovered that there was a desperate need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of behavioral health outcomes for patients being discharged from 90-day treatment facilities. With a national average of long-term recovery rates at only 20 plus percent, David realized that dramatic improvement could be achieved by providing pro-active support, accountability, and care plan management, which eventually led to the first iteration of VOX Telehealth.

In 2012, rumors of the value-based evolution in healthcare and corresponding mandates around patient management caught David’s attention and he pivoted VOX to develop solutions within the medical system. David recognized that the VOX patient management philosophy and practice could be the foundation of a platform to support healthcare providers engaged in bundled payment initiatives. From the beginning, the VOX platform was built with the conviction of “getting both hands around the patient.” It is their philosophy that, in order to drive authentic and lasting behavioral change, the platform capabilities and diagnostic-specific programs that it supports must be able to compel the patient to try new behaviors while also helping to prevent their return to former habits.

Creating a unique “closed-loop” platform environment, VOX utilizes proprietary capabilities including its ActivePxTM educational format, SmartTaskTM coordination, PxMailTM and a robust alert escalation and notification system to create a highly actionable solution that provides a transparent window into the compliance characteristics of every patient.

It’s not about marketing, it’s about helping patients become truly productive partners in their episodes of care; that’s a mission that we never get tired of

David says, “People often ask, ‘are patients really willing to take on responsibility in their own care?’ Genuinely empowering patients to take ownership of and be productive in their own care is the most concierge thing you can do. Our solutions don’t just dramatically improve their outcomes, they dramatically improve the patient’s experience and view of their physicians.”

VOX Telehealth now offers a seamless continuum across patient’s chronic and acute episodes of care. In partnership with a leading organization, they are now be able to expand beyond their bundled payment solutions and provide a turn-key platform that fulfills CMS’s reimbursement codes for around chronic care management;supporting patients and their caregivers through a “concierge-like” continuum while optimizing provider’s reimbursement for this expanded brand of engagement.

David concludes, “’Patient engagement’ has become one of the more diluted phrases in all of healthcare today. It is generally not what providers think it is and it certainly is not what they need it to be to manage their patients and mitigate risk in this new environment. We have enjoyed a lot of recognition for the integrity of our platform. It’s not about marketing, it’s about helping patients become truly productive partners in their episodes of care; that’s a mission that we never get tired of.”

VOX Telehealth

Pennington, NJ

David Brown, Founder & CEO

VOX Telehealth’s “closed-loop” platform environment supports procedure and disease specific patient management solutions that are customizable and scalable to meet provider’s needs across the diagnostic spectrum

VOX Telehealth