MedAware Solutions, Inc.: Achieving the “Quadruple Aim” of Value in Healthcare with mViva®

Thomas K. Zink, MD, Director & Chief Medical Officer
Healthcare is not easy. Caring for injured and ill patients is a conundrum that is not always patient-centric. Throughout this predicament, patients engage with many clinicians and administrative personnel. This dynamic has become so complex and unfulfilling that, the Chief Medical Officer of MedAware Solutions, Inc., Thomas K. Zink MD, suggests three things must happen. First is to embrace the Quadruple Aim of Value in Healthcare; namely, enhancing the patient experience; improving the health of populations; reducing the cost of healthcare; and enriching the experience of providing care to the patient. Second is to recognize that achieving the Quadruple Aim requires a dynamic in which patients and clinical experts efficiently communicate and collaborate to achieve best possible results without undue cost. Third is to deploy reasonably-priced technology that makes the first two happen almost effortlessly.

Thusly, Zink and his company focus on empowering efficient communication and collaboration through mobile technology. Enter mViva®- the smart device application for: rich media texting (via phone/tablet keyboard, dictation, and video), “on-the-fly” video-teleconferencing for unlimited participants, and automated patient and care team engagement with monitoring and reporting features.

mViva enables patient-centered, “in the moment collaboration” between widely-dispersed teammates to gain “Clinical Awareness” defined as, “What’s happening now?”, “What does this mean for me?”, and “What next must be done?”.

mViva can enhance clinical results. In heart attack, mViva empowers paramedics at the scene to dictate observations, videotape heart tracings, or copy the EKG and then immediately share these data points all at once to widely-dispersed teammates in the ER, Cardiology, and Cardiac Catheterization Lab (CCL). This expedites consensus that reduces time to definitive treatment by as much as 60 minutes. Moreover, expensive false activations of the CCL can be reduced by as much as 30 percent with mViva. In Mobile Integrated Healthcare matriculated by paramedics, mViva has increased efficiency by almost 40 percent since deploying mViva. In post-acute care, clinicians can closely monitor the location and status of complex and recently dismissed patients to better react and avoid costly ER visits and expensive readmissions to the hospital.

mViva promotes Value through patients and clinicians efficiently communicating and collaborating to achieve best possible results without undue cost

Unique to mViva is the Automated Content Delivery (ACD) feature which can be used to prompt clinician adherence to treatment protocols (e.g. Stroke) or to monitor patients’ condition and compliance to care plans after procedures or recent dismissal from the hospital. For example, a person with a total joint replacement can be sent pre-operative education and followed for pain and range of motion post-operatively in an automated fashion with mViva ACD. Moreover, questions can be sent to monitor comprehension and status. If answers are not returned or if answers are returned that are cause for concern, alerts are sent to the care team following the patient on mViva. ACD also includes Automated Reports that captures these data to assist the clinical team in deploying its resources and follow-up efforts.

More and more clinicians are enhancing their productivity through care communication and coordination using mViva and MedAware Solutions is listening to these customers. One area for future mViva enhancement under consideration is connectivity to Bluetooth-enabled monitoring devices.

Founded to empower communication and collaboration through mobile, rich media texting, video-teleconferencing, and automated patient engagement, MedAware Solutions and mViva promote healthcare Value. “In a time when patients and clinicians alike are struggling under the burden of paperwork and electronic medical record documentation, our mViva promotes teamwork and makes caring for the patient easy, efficient and even fun again,” concludes Zink.

MedAware Solutions, Inc

St. Louis, MO

Thomas K. Zink, MD, Director & Chief Medical Officer

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