ONYX Healthcare USA, Inc.: Fast Tracking Medical Technology Innovation

John Chuang, President
Step into the premises of any healthcare center today and signs of digital invasion will stare back from every nook and corner. Rows of paper files have been replaced by cloud databases. Medical devices no longer lug clunky cables and have gone wireless, and IoT solutions have successfully eradicated long wait times. At a time when the scope of emerging technologies is breathtaking, ONYX Healthcare USA is at the forefront of this revolution by exploring the world of medical technology with innovation and efficiency. From telemedicine solutions and surgical platforms to medical box PCs and embedded boards, Onyx is a one-stop shop for a wide range of technology solutions that redefine patient engagement and care coordination. “We are an ISO13485 certified and FDA registered facility for quality management systems, and we create a positive difference by ensuring safer and more efficient products,” remarks John Chuang, president, ONYX Healthcare USA.

Backed by almost two decades of experience in medical design, Onyx offers an exhaustive range of high-quality medical grade computers for healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers. For one, the company leverages Intel® embedded computing technology to design and manufacture medical grade computing platforms with 7+ years of product longevity that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can easily integrate into medical devices. Merged by ASUS computer group in 2011, ONYX design team gained early technology access as early as ASUS on the latest Intel® platform to assist medical device manufacturers with early adoption of cutting edge technology to enhance the product lifecycle further.

At present, when medical equipment manufacturing companies outsource computer hardware equipment, and more often than not, the products are not safe for intensive care or surgical environments as they were originally designed for either retail or direct consumer use. “Unlike vendors that retrofit components into generic solutions to suit the needs of healthcare organizations, all our products are built from the ground up to exclusively service the medical industry,” mentions Chuang.
Moreover, all of Onyx’s platforms are pre-certified in line with UL60601, a standard for the safety of medical electrical equipment, which guarantees compliant design and a shorter development cycle without the need of re-certifying the solution from ground up. “As a result, our products free organizations to spend more resources on treatment innovation rather than dedicated additional resources on computing hardware development that requires compliance regulations,” says Chuang. Owing to the pre-certified nature of the platform, a client that adopted Onyx’s portable anesthesiology solution brought down their time-to-market from 29 months to 18 months. This gave the client a significant market advantage as they were able to launch their product much ahead of the competition. At the same time, Onyx solution is prebuilt with isolation protection circuit design to enhance safety on integration with various medical device without current leakage concern.

Committed to delivering a complete range of solutions that enhances workflow efficiency of medical care, the company also empowers healthcare providers with state-of-the-art imaging tools, medical tablets, healthcare infotainment, and mobile cart computers. Across the board, all of Onyx’s products are designed to be fanless and waterproof for whole unit disinfection and quiet operation around healthcare environment.

With innovation as its guiding force, the company is about to release a new 8-inch medical tablet to enable medical IoT infrastructure through which clinicians can program and control other medical devices. In the past, healthcare providers invariably had to make do with consumer tablets or iPads since specialized tablets meant staggering investments. “Our new solution equips healthcare providers with the advanced features of a tablet but at a reasonable price point,” explains Chuang. In terms of service, the company is planning to introduce a contract manufacturing capability for FDA finished goods and devices. The company also intends to expand across Latin America and China down the road. Thriving on deep industry knowledge and rapid innovation, Onyx is undoubtedly the face of next-gen medical IT.

ONYX Healthcare USA, Inc

Orange, CA

John Chuang, President

Provides a full line of medical grade computer solutions for healthcare providers and medical device companies

ONYX Healthcare USA, Inc