Top 50 Healthcare Companies - 2019

Top 50 Healthcare Companies - 2019

The healthcare industry has for long been skeptical about incorporating up and coming technologies primarily due to the safety and compliance issues. However, the scenario is changing with the advancements in the technologies that provide far greater advantages in comparison to limitations. By leveraging technologies such as telehealth, IoT, cloud computing, AI, AR, VR, and others, the healthcare providers can offer more effective, efficient, and quick care to their patients at more affordable costs.

In a large country like the U.S., where the people’s access to healthcare is limited, telehealth/telemedicine has proven to be an effective way in extending the reach of healthcare. This is also in tune with the healthcare industry’s growing trend of a patient-centric approach since the patients can reduce the number of visits they have to make to their physicians. The combination of telemedicine and telehealth technologies has resulted in the emergence of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). This group of connected devices plays a critical role in the tracking and prevention of many chronic diseases. Additionally, the combination of AR and VR has helped in the treatment of various conditions such as dementia, cognitive impairments, and more.

The number of providers in the markets who develop healthcare solutions has increased significantly. To help healthcare providers in their journey to provide effective and efficient care for their patients, a distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and CIOReview’s editorial board has selected a list of the top healthcare solution providers. These companies leverage emerging technologies to come up with practical solutions in healthcare.

We present to you CIOReview's “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers - 2019.”

Company Name

Company Description

Accumen Aids hospitals and health systems in clinical laboratory operations, outreach, patient blood management and transfusion safety, and imaging services
AccuPoint Provides a web-based healthcare management platform designed to streamline business processes, maximize billable hours, manage compliance, and adapt to a changing regulatory environment
Aetna Provides individuals, employers, health care professionals, and others with innovative benefits, products and services
Allscripts Offer solutions that connect people, places, and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health, enabling caregivers to make better decisions and deliver better care
B4Health Provides web-based vendor management and float pool management system for the healthcare industry, to help them automate staffing, scheduling, and meet regulatory compliances effectively
CAE Healthcare Provides simulation-based medical education (SBME), that helps the healthcare sector to improve clinical competency and patient safety
Carestream Dental Provides industry-leading imaging, software, and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals
Cerner Offers end-to-end solutions and services to help healthcare sector optimize clinical and financial outcomes
Cigna A global health service company providing services 24/7 with an expansive network built to help customers meet their health goals
Ciox Health Providing transparency across the healthcare ecosystem, to help clients manage disparate medical records
ClaimTek Systems Provides comprehensive solution in the field of medical billing, with additional features in consulting, training, support and marketing
CognitiveScale Provides augmented intelligence software that helps organizations apply artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to improve care delivery and drive down operational costs
ETHIX360 Provides next-generation Compliance as a Service (CaaS) solutions that can be configured to seamlessly facilitate identifying, managing, investigating and resolving issues within any business
ForaCare Provides reliable and accurate means to collect chronic disease monitoring information, and information technology platforms for effective data management
ForeSee Medical Offers a solution that uses AI, ML and NLP to help physicians with HCC coding according to patient disease entity to get adequately reimbursed
FoxFire Systems Group Provides a complete suite of ophthalmic-specific software solutions that cover electronic health records, practice management, and billing services
FrontRunnerHC A healthcare solution provider that fixes inaccurate data, to streamline the revenue cycle process, and in turn ensures healthcare providers get reimbursed adequately
FusionHealth Provides a value-based solution that addresses employee sleep problems, and offers solutions to resolve them
Greenway Health Provides the right information and insights at the right place and time, to enable patient-driven care
Health Catalyst Provides fully integrated suite for healthcare data warehousing and process improvement solutions to improve clinical, financial, and operational outcomes
HealthPointe Solutions Provides solutions to modernize interactions between physicians and patients with cognitive intelligence along with delivering personalized consumer-focused care for individuals in each local market
Henry Schein Offers healthcare professionals innovative products and solutions, including practice management software, e-commerce solutions, surgical products, as well as a broad range of financial services
Hyland Provides a Healthcare Content Services framework, which allows all unstructured patient content to be captured securely, accessed and managed through core clinical and administrative systems
Intouch Health Provides reliable, cloud-based network and virtual care telehealth solutions enabling seamless connectivity for health systems, providers, and patients
Kno2 Kno2’s Interoperability as a Service turns on connectivity to millions of healthcare providers and the capability to send, receive, find, and use patient information with everyone
Lumeon Offers care pathway management platform that enables health companies to create and automate data-driven care pathways, and unify clinical and administrative data
MaxMD Provides information technology and interoperability solutions that enable coordinated care for healthcare practices, organizations, hospital systems, and HIT application service providers
McKesson Provides higher-quality care products, technology, and resources to healthcare organization to operate more effectively, lower costs and improve patient health
MEDITECH Offers an advanced EHR platform that makes it easier for health providers to treat patients
Netlims A leading provider of Laboratory Information Systems with an unparalleled ability to optimize lab efficiency and ultimately drive revenue
Newport Credentialing Solutions Offers a cloud-based, fully integrated contract lifecycle and provider data management system
NextGen Provide tailored solutions to fit the needs of ambulatory practices, to help them reach the aim while navigating the journey of value-based care
Nuance Communications Offers conversational and cognitive AI innovations that can understand, analyze and respond to human language to increase productivity and amplify human intelligence
Optum Offers solutions infused with OptumIQ, health care intelligence software that helps make the health system work better for eveyone
Orion Health Offers precision medicine that combines all the information about an individual to create a personalized health plan that proactively supports targeted care
PointCare Making health coverage accessible and manageable for publicly covered patients
Provation Provides cloud-based procedure documentation platforms designed in line with intricate workflows and documentation of physicians
Rhinogram Offers cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant telehealth communication platform enabling confidential, text-based interactions between patients, clinicians and office administrators in real-time
SAI Technology Offers an integrated EHR system combined with telemedicine, collaboration, security, and automation to the healthcare industry
Santovia Integrated all-inclusive health engagement platform providing tailored educational content and giving feedback to understand patients’ needs better
Secure Exchange Solutions Leading provider of interoperable cloud-based secure clinical exchange software for providers, consumers and health plans
Surgery Exchange Provides solutions designed to support hospitals with end-to-end planning and case management focused on “bill only” implants and surgery workflow
Taylor Healthcare Providing market-specific insights and a compelling portfolio of patientengagement solutions in the healthcare domain
TCI Software, Inc TCI Software’s Rounds® enables hospital administrators to retrieve financial information alongside “the quality of care and patient satisfaction” data
TraceSecurity By leveraging years of experience and expertise, offers a suite of services and software that helps healthcare institutions become more secure as well as achieve their HIPAA compliance goals
Valify Provides web-based purchased services solution for the health-care industry
Valify Marketplace The firm offers a digital platform for health systems to compare and select vendors
Verge Health A healthcare solution provider that enables hospitals and healthcare organizations to proactively safeguard patients from errors and adverse events
Visibly Online eye test provider that allows its customers to take a vision test at home and receive a prescription from an optometrist or ophthalmologist in 24 hours or less
Vocera Offers a platform for clinical communication via secured text using smartphones or hands-free, wearable Vocera Badge that helps improve patient care, safety, and experience