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Greg Clute, CFO, HealtheFirst
Greg Clute, CFO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>HealtheFirst</a>

Greg Clute, CFO, HealtheFirst

The case management industry is growing and changing every day to better assist the elderly, disabled, and other at-risk persons. The demand is enormous for receiving and managing publicly and privately funded care, supervision, education, and help. There are not a lot of affordable, adaptive, user-friendly, company conforming SaaS model technologies available for the SMB service providers in the industry. Many technologies are hard pressed to change and adapt because of complex EMR or EHR driven functionality. Techies, physicians, government, and medical leaders made things complicated and detailed. That led to complexity, redundancy, extravagance, detail, and cost problems. HealtheFirst was created purely as an alternative to those characteristics.

HealtheFirst is transforming case management as a value driver across diverse verticals!  This is possible through the high-quality technical innovation that simplifies administration and user workloads while aggregating data and delivering measurable, value-based outcomes with efficiency.

HealtheFirst helps leaders optimize case management and grow profitability by adapting uniquely to diverse use cases and business processes. This solution streamlines business by housing all of the features that case management agencies use every day under one roof. Our SaaS has been proven to be incredibly user friendly and is in a class of its own for onboarding, implementation, and user engagement and overall experience.

The HealtheFirst suite of tools includes:

Administrative Customization

Electronic Visit Verification

Workforce Management - Reviews/Incentives

Scheduling – Client/Team

Full-Service Patient-Provider & Caregiver Portal

Document Creation – Automation - Management

Secure Client Forms/Notes/V2T

Voice to Text Capability


Team Communications

Virtual Meetings - Conferencing

Client-Agency Specific Service Plan Creation

Work/Case Assignments

Workflow Tracking

Unit/Time/Assignment Tracking

Reporting - Outcomes and Efficiency Measurement

Client Profiles

Staff Profiles


Billing and Reimbursement


“What makes us unique is that we created HealtheFirst with case management clients—for case management clients. Everyone begged us to build with user-friendly simplicity and functional adaptability. This is the focus of our solution. We ensure the most fitted and highest quality experience for our partners (clients),” says Steve Clute, President and CEO of HealtheFirst. The vision of the company is to help teams and leaders enjoy their work by working less and winning more. Clients mitigate readmissions, eliminate errors, optimize services, and increase provider efficiencies and profitability. We automate to eliminate redundancy, adapt to conform to practice operating models, and assure delivery of proper and uniform service. We minimize training and support time demand. HealtheFirst guides case management companies to understand weaknesses and problems, discern their operational strengths, and integrate relevant solutions to streamline workflow and add dollars to the bottom line.”

With HealtheFirst’s HIPAA-compliant SaaS software, case management providers can improve their service scheduling & delivery, documentation, client management, reimbursement, payroll, and audits. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and seamless and powered by data-based intelligence automation. Companies can facilitate and even test new business processes using HealtheFirst. The web-enabled technology eliminates maintenance and management of expensive hardware. Practice management in this SaaS solution enables leaders to rest easier with the operating model of their company.

HealtheFirst was built with the user in mind. With one click, clients can access the engaging and intuitive user interface. They quickly enjoy the wide range of capabilities and benefits. The intuitive flow, color-coordinated dashboard, warnings, notices, reminders, alongside budget tracking capabilities, enable administrators to be constantly aware of company priorities and needs. Intelligent workforce management, telehealth, and scheduling are high-value services. Service delivery and client management are done using screens designed for users with no technical training or knowledge. “New services” can be added from anywhere. The document library is fit to the unique needs of any company with all word processing features and voice to text in the documentation and client notes. There is a management tool for team services delivery and HIPAA-compliant communications available for team members, clients, and caregivers. Audit responses are done with a single click, and we easily manage billings. The technology can do all reimbursement models, including direct billing. For case management groups who want to interface directly with clients and/or caregivers for scheduling, communicating, sharing client details and outcomes, there is a client portal that can be accessed independently through HealtheFirst’s portal. HealtheFirst continues to adapt to fulfill needs across the spectrum of case management with simplicity and effectiveness at the core of its values.

HealtheFirst is an extremely easy and cost-effective tool to transition the challenging issues of managing process and payment into a simple and fluent practice for all administrators and staff members. We are currently in discussions with leading decision-makers across several industries and are implementing programs in a variety of healthcare facilities, case management agencies, correctional facilities, home care & hospice associations, schools, transitional care facilities, universities, chiropractic, and therapy centers. Our goal is to associate with internal champions to move forward and continue to enhance and deliver while proving dynamic outcomes through use of our solution.