Teradata Discovery Analytics Community Site Promotes Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry
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Teradata Discovery Analytics Community Site Promotes Data Analytics in Healthcare Industry

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AMELIA ISLAND, FL: Teradata launches innovative solutions on Discovery Analytics Community Site, powered by Teradata Aster; in partnership with two major health plans. The Community site aims at promoting the value of data analytics among analytic professionals in healthcare.

The Discovery Analytics Community Site enhances interaction among data scientists and analytics professionals; increases the use of discovery analytics and improves the quality of healthcare industry. Teradata Aster Analytic functions provide basic learning experience and allow peers to interact better. Current Aster users are granted initial access to the new site and to the set of pre-defined analytic functions available in Teradata Aster AppCenter.

The Teradata Aster AppCenter is a secured publishing portal to share big data analytics; supports cross-organization adoption and collaboration. Apart from these, it reduces the development costs and provides valuable insights that can be shared and re-used. It supports multiple analytic techniques and languages to handle analytic skills across a number of health plans.

New Jersey’s health insurer Jason Cooper, Executive Sponsor, Vice President and Chief Analytics Officer, Horizon Healthcare Services says, "The new discovery site will enable us to share algorithms, insights and solutions with other health plans, ultimately working to benefit our members."

The AppCenter provides the participating organizations the ability to store important analytics workflows as applications, execute them, visualize the results and also to share the insights with peers.

Some applications that are currently in production include: HL7 Parser, Patient Affinity and Length of Stay, Patient Comparison, Admission Diagnosis Procedure Paths, Path to Surgery, Diabetes Patient Readmission, Drug Affinity Analysis and Impact Analysis. The functionality of the analytics will evolve over time.