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John Onder, Co-Founding Principal
John Onder, Co-Founding Principal of CBIG Consulting, loves dissecting complex problems and devising solutions using innovative technology. Onder reveals his colleagues also share this passion, “For some of us that may translate into lots of custom home repair, remodeling projects, or taking courses on new technologies. This is also true in our work. The best thing about being in the Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics consulting industry is that one never runs out of challenging puzzles to solve,” he explains.

For the healthcare industry, Onder firmly believes that by combining data and business processes, one can achieve the best of both worlds almost immediately. Headquartered in Rosemont, IL, CBIG Consulting provides on-the-spot solutions to the challenges associated with integrating data across medical systems. Onder says the Affordable Care Act combined with the Electronic Health Record (EHR) mandate is an industry game changer, which has turned traditional healthcare delivery models and associated processes on their heads. CBIG has long recognized that incompatible medical data systems have proven to be the major road block in obstructing the use of information to improve patient outcomes. Even with the new reality of EHRs, hospitals and clinics continue to run supplementary, specialized systems with inaccessible, valuable information that should be integrated into the larger data picture to improve patient care.

In order to solve this key issue, CBIG’s advanced solutions focus on integrating various systems into functional analytics platforms and working directly with providers and administrators to modify processes. The goal is to achieve more accurate insights and maximize benefits from all available, integrated data. Onder adds, “We’re in a unique position among healthcare technology services providers to do this, especially given our expertise in integrating so many systems and data sources in our work.”

CBIG leverages an entire spectrum of services from assessments, strategies, and roadmaps through solution design, development, and delivery. One of the popular developments in healthcare today involves Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), which initially emerged from situations where people typically receive health care services, from multiple providers, at various locations.
Onder points out that, “It’s often difficult to consolidate and coordinate all the pertinent information for one patient who requires services from different providers when they’re not under one umbrella and don’t use the same information systems.” While ACOs allow a wide variety of providers to share information via a common information repository, it’s often a challenging task to design a useful repository within a data structure that can integratea wide variety of data, Onder explains, saying, “CBIG combines our data management expertise and healthcare experience to ensure successful ACO implementations.”

The company also has a well-seasoned team of consultants—with in-depth expertise in a variety of market-leading data warehousing and Big Data analytics technology solutions—who continue to assist organizations in any industry with regard to their information needs. CBIG’s collective expertise in analyzing and building solutions across industries has enabled them to provide industry-agnostic best practices on behalf of its clients. Recognizing that a single technology or packaged solution usually isn’t enough to address all the issues an organization must tackle, the company works closely with its clients to leverage leading-edge, practical solutions.

We not only specialize in integrating various systems into functional analytics platform but also work directly with providers and administrators to modify processes

Moving ahead, the company is analyzing areas of analytics that can be more effectively served with additional, packaged solutions. CBIG is determined to crack the data integration/analytics code to support healthcare providers’ ability to adapt and demonstrate that their efforts are improving patient health and safety. “We’re currently defining service offerings that take advantage of already-developed data management and analytics components. These can then be rapidly applied to specific, common business situations.” Onder concludes.

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John Onder, Co-Founding Principal

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