Greenway Health: Helping Physicians Deliver Exceptional Care More Profitably

Wyche T. Green, III CEO
Headquartered in Carrollton, GA, Greenway Health is one of the largest and most experienced providers of clinical, financial and patient engagement solutions in the industry. With an established marketplace presence dating back more than 30 years, Greenway delivers clinically driven revenue cycle management services and healthcare software solutions that help practices automate clinical and administrative workflows for optimal patient care, while improving financial performance. The company’s ability to enable the storage, retrieval, sharing and use of healthcare information improves the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients daily. “We strive to provide innovative information solutions that help healthcare organizations function at the highest level of efficiency while providing the highest quality of care,” says Tee Green, president and CEO, Greenway Health.

According to Green, today’s healthcare sector faces three main challenges: the provider adoption of clinical informatics and health record platforms while remaining profitable; improved patient engagement outside the four walls of caregiving; and clinical collaboration among providers at different locations to manage populations across geographies and organizations. “Key to all of these challenges is technology and the ability to easily produce and exchange data—something we call data liquidity— into actionable information within a clinician’s workflow,” says Green. “It really all comes down to usability.”

Greenway Health tackles these challenges with a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use electronic health record (EHR), practice management and interoperability platform. The platform, PrimeSUITE, can be coupled with PrimeRCM, a clinically driven revenue cycle management software and services solution. “PrimeRCM is our most high-impact innovation,” says Green. Seamlessly integrating with PrimeSUITE, PrimeRCM streamlines the clinical, operational and financial processes for optimal financial performance. The company supplements its product suite with solutions such as PeopleLYNK, which links providers and patients through a patient portal, a health platform for managing health information from multiple providers in one central location. These solutions are designed to empower medical providers to spend more time with patients instead of paperwork.
Green likes to define Greenway’s mission in a single sentence: “We’re helping shape the ever-changing healthcare landscape with what we call ‘ICE’—improving health by embracing the Consumer with advanced Electronification.” Greenway Health achieves this through cloud-based interoperability capabilities that make it easy, quick and cost-efficient to link information systems, providers, payers, and consumers. Greenway Health has amassed a wide customer base of more than 75,000 providers and 10,000 medical organizations. Recently, the company launched a unified EHR system that coordinates care across more than 8,200 Walgreens retail pharmacies and their 27,000 pharmacists nationwide. The Greenway Health-based EHR system, the largest centralized pharmacy cloud-based electronic health record ever deployed, enables Walgreens pharmacists to identify opportunities, to close gaps in care, and to share patient information with other providers, helping to ensure continuity and care coordination.

“With this single collaboration, we are helping lead a retail electronic health record revolution, which is the future of delivering convenient and cost-effective primary clinical care,” says Green.

To further prepare for a future of change in healthcare, the company is investing heavily in innovation to better serve its clients. “One key to our staying power is our technology roadmap, which is structured solidly around electronification and consumer health,” notes Green. And with more than 80 Greenway business partners delivering integrated solutions on the company’s Greenway Marketplace, the company plans to further expand and build upon the many ways customers receive value from a Greenway partnership.

We’re focused on delivering technology and services to engage patients, further creating efficiencies and improving health outcomes

Greenway Health

Carrollton, GA

Wyche T. Green, III CEO

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