Medullan: Innovative Solutions to Better Engage Healthcare Consumers

Ahmed Albaiti, Founder and CEO
For Ahmed Albaiti, innovation is about taking on bold and risky projects, where the learning drives energy to be tenacious in evolving the status quo. The Founder and CEO of Medullan—a digital health innovation firm, believes that having passionate people for every role in the company is key to leveraging the innovation factor as well as bringing an unabashed entrepreneurial spirit to the table. “We are singularly focused on healthcare, and our purpose is innovating for better lives,” affirms Albaiti.

The company works with leading players across the healthcare continuum; from Fortune 100 payers, providers, and biopharmaceutical concerns to public institutions, genomics firms, medical device companies and e-Health organizations as well as cutting edge start-ups. In the remarkable value-chain re-arrangement sweeping the healthcare sector, Medullan, has a string of ‘firsts’ to its credit. Medullan’s product strategy, design and development capabilities help clients determine the best ways to connect and motivate healthcare consumers for patient engagement, collaborative care, clinical trials, remote patient monitoring, and decision support. Medullan delivers best-in-class user experience and research, technology or platform architecture and product management roadmaps. “Whether consumer driven or business driven transactions, we take the successful project model and replicate it to scale for the larger enterprise,” says Albaiti and further continues, “Our solutions incubated in a software laboratory environment merges technology with clinical psychology and awesome user experience”. In this way, Medullan is spearheading healthcare engagement in areas such as insurance exchanges, value-based care coordination models, and bringyour- own-wellness.

For a global pharmaceutical client, deeply vested in psoriasis, studies revealed the inadequacy of physicians adequately having a shared-decision making moment with patients. Depending on the background of the doctor, the health literacy, and the cultural dynamics of the patient, very inquisitive conversations were proving to be detrimental to patient interests. Copious research went into the types of questions doctors were supposed to ask and then to transpose this info into an analytical model for decision support. “It was an interesting distillation of a very complex data set into a simple interaction.
We were able to turn this into a five-minute conversation model using a visual software application wherein the patients could literally use a scratching gesture with their finger to communicate their symptoms while physicians benefited from real-time quality of life impact visualization. This made a huge difference in creating the connectivity between the doctor and the patient,” explains Albaiti.

In another instance of ingenuity, Medullan designed a pressure sensing wearable insole that could analyze the gait patterns of patients who had podiatric surgery. Medullan’s design expertise and knowledge of clinical workflow assembled the pieces that went into the SmartBoot, transmitting data continuously to a cloud-based care management platform for clinicians.

Elaborating on Medullan’s pioneering projects, Albaiti says, “We offer services such as direct- to-consumer personal genome browser, by which you could essentially have your entire genome sequence on a thumb drive, feed into a machine and then explore your own genome. We are focusing on genomics and genomics diagnostics, which are about to revolutionize healthcare.”

Albaiti also emphasizes on Medullan’s growing capabilities in offering turnkey solutions for data analysis. In so doing, we are democratizing the access issue and our ability to measure intervention adds to our “innovation as a service offering.”
Albaiti is very optimistic in the capabilities software designed with humans in mind can have on improving people’s lives and impacting top and bottom lines. “It is all about adoption…Nudging people, be they consumers, physicians, or administrators, to happily change their behavior. We are relentless in only building things we know people will use. That is the key to our success.”

Our solutions incubated in a software laboratory environment merges technology with clinical psychology and awesome user experience


Cambridge, MA

Ahmed Albaiti, Founder and CEO

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