Optimity Advisors: Services that Inform, Transform and Outperform in Healthcare Sector

Robert Moss, Partner
Technology is a driving force of change within today’s healthcare industry. The emergence of new business models and the introduction of mobile applications that promise improved care and services have compounded the role that healthcare data and its communication and distribution play in a rapidly-shifting market. But, the unpredictable nature of the healthcare industry puts intense pressure on the CIOs of many enterprises to ensure their investment decisions are aligned with the right business drivers and enable the potential rewards. Optimity Advisors helps its clients in the healthcare vertical navigate complex business strategies and make the right technology decisions for their businesses. In less than five years, the global advisory firm, headquartered in Washington, DC, has grown from a team of fifteen advisors to more than 300 experts in technology, strategy, program management and business process consulting.

Optimity’s advisory services for health plan operations, revenue cycle management, integrated care, and pharmacy benefit management are structured to mitigate risks and ensure their clients’ success. They merge the best of technology, data strategies, and break-through approaches from other allied sectors to deliver quality outcomes to healthcare clients. Through innovative practices, leveraging global technology models, and unifying clinical, operations and technology service providers with potential clients, the advisory firm leads their clients to the ‘world of possibilities’. Leadership is ingrained in Optimity’s history, and its advisory teams engage with the clients to invent new pathways for better care and embrace changing trends in the industry and market.

Optimity’s mission is to inform and transform client organizations and ensure they outperform their competitors, and that goal makes the firm stand out from the rest. “We start with modeling our own organizational culture based on principles of core values, collaboration, self-organizing teams, and allowing innovation to happen at any time, any place,” says Robert Moss, Partner at Optimity Advisors.
“This translates to our customers and is a vital part of our brand and how our customers perceive the quality of our work, the talent of our people, and our ability to innovate within traditional client environments.”

Optimity has engaged with some of the country’s leading commercial insurers to help them launch innovative private exchange offerings, implement their public exchange operations, and create bestin- class member engagement and health and wellness programs. In the arena of Medicare and Medicaid, the company’s services have resulted in the launch of entire new programs for several health plans, including establishing Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid programs and ensuring they function at a reasonable cost as well as meet state and federal requirements. Increased automation, better distribution management, accurate work tracking systems and accelerated improvements are just a few of the outcomes of Optimity’s advisory solutions. Optimity’s recent acquisition of the London, UK, based Matrix Knowledge will enable the combined firm to extend its services offering related to better decision making through analytics, improved accountability and modeling and data management for its clients.

The company plans to build upon this strong foundation by broadening its knowledge-enabling technology models and adding more data intelligence and strategic metrics to transform its clients’ businesses. “Our innovative cloud-based data analytics platform along with proven, industry-specific analytic models allow us to take our clients’ own data and use it to provide powerful insights into their organizations, insights that drive and support mission-critical change,” says Moss. “Our intent is to be more active in the policy, research, and econometrics formation that drives healthcare change, and we will maintain our exemplary execution-focused team to put policy and proven ideas into action at an accelerated pace,” he concludes.

Optimity Advisors

Washington, DC

Robert Moss, Partner

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