Health BI: Engaging Patients through Community Care Framework

Koorosh Yasami,CEO
The healthcare IT leaders today are doing more than just designing a digital solution by harnessing new technology. With the growing availability of health data, healthcare delivery is moving beyond individual care to population health management. Solution vendors are looking forward to making intelligent data available in a timely fashion to the community providers so that the physicians can participate in their patients’ care proactively. However, collaborating, sharing information, and keeping track of a patient’s progress and transitions within the community pose challenges for many healthcare providers. Catering to the market demands, Health BI offers a suite of solutions that enable healthcare providers and payers to reduce costs and penalties by automating care coordination, care transitions, and patient engagement.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, Heath BI is a population health management technology and service provider, offering a comprehensive, full care continuum model where all facets of a patient’s health is evaluated and analyzed. “Our goal is to design software with intelligence at the core and then control the dataset that is shared in the users’ system,” remarks Koorosh Yasami, CEO, Health BI.

Health BI’s HealthCollaborate, a Community Care Framework, was designed before the regulatory push to shift from a fee-for-service to the pay-for-performance model. The product enables healthcare organizations to coordinate, manage, and monitor patient care to offer treatment continuity, irrespective of the location. Through this framework, customers are able to track patients’ progress and analyze the treatment required. HealthCollaborate lets doctors and physicians to engage patients ardently.This interoperability module works behind the scene without adding complexity to the User Interface (UI), enabling clients to maneuver easily.Health BI promotes engagement, both on the healthcare provider side as well as on the patients’.Additionally, Health BI offers CareCommit, a Care Management Solution for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and small-mid size risk bearing organizations. “CareCommit improves population health by maximizing reimbursements for providers and payers,” explains Yasami.

Besides, the company’s popHealth Platform encompasses powerful data sharing, complex analytics, and simplistic care management and gap management modules in one easy to use tool.
“We use the UI technologies with our powerful framework, and provide pharmacy, lab, history, and claims data in a single plat¬form,” delineates Yasami. The integrations and interoperability engine present in the solution allows clients to connect to other toolsets—whether it is a telemarketing ap¬plication or monitoring devices—to bring the largest collection of clinical and patient behavioral data into one tool. Health BI is currently working on a three-year plan to make popHealth Platform one of the most complete tools in the market.

“To stay ahead in the competition, we empower community providers with timely, actionable intelligence,” says Yasami. The company’s virtual care team consists of various modalities of care, from rehab and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) to behavioral health organizations and specialists in social services and transportation. Health BI has been redirecting clinical traffic from various hospitals and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) to community care providers and behavioral facilities.

Our goal is to provide the most intelligent provider based platform in the market using which providers; regardless of their settings, have access to a plethora of patient data, events and their “trend and track.

In collaboration with several other service providers in the industry, “we are currently helping markets in California and other states build a new risk bearing organization with intelligence at the core,” states Yasami. Down the road, the company plans to integrate behavioral and physical health across multiple states.

Health BI

Scottsdale, AZ

Koorosh Yasami,CEO

Offers a suite of solutions that enable healthcare providers and payers to reduce costs and penalties by automating care coordination, care transitions, and patient engagement.