Smartlink Mobile Systems: Patient/Provider Mobile Communication App Improves Quality of Care and Ensures Full Compliance with Medicare Chronic Care Management

Siu Tong, Chairman & CEO
Value-Based Payment (VBP) models are shifting risk to both providers and patients, radically changing the way in which care is delivered. These new payment models put an emphasis on keeping people healthy and more engaged in their own care, and increasingly require organizations to monitor broad populations of patients. Smartlink’s Pocket HealthNet (PHN) is an innovative mobile application that helps to address these challenges. “Our hybrid approach of providing an easy to use mobile application on the patient side and a robust, cloud-based “one-on-one” or “one-to-many” communication platform is a fast and simple way to improve clinical dialog with large segments of their patient populations, resulting in earlier intervention and better outcomes,” begins Siu Tong, Chairman and CEO of Smartlink Mobile Systems.

With PHN, patients have a real-time, secure, mobile link to all of their providers. Unlike patient portals, which are typically unique to each physician and emphasize clinic information access, PHN enables bidirectional clinical and administrative dialog. Patients can manage all their family’s medical questions, appointments, refills, check-in, and share clinical documents with their providers, at any moment, from their mobile device.

Smartlink also offers the only single platform solution that ensures healthcare organizations are fully compliant with the Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) program’s technology requirements, including 100 percent community wide electronic document exchange, asynchronous patient communication, aggregate month to date time tracking, and auditable documentation. Smartlink’s innovative CCM solution was designed to optimize workflow efficiency, maximize available CCM billings each month, and minimize audit risk.
Siu Tong asserts, “In addition to ensuring technology compliance, we have placed an emphasis on delivering the capabilities necessary to be successful with CCM long term, including electronic coordination with external care management resources, clinical content to help engage patients, and quick adoption services to accelerate CCM revenue.” As a result, Smartlink has rapidly become a CCM market leader, with customers spanning top 10 largest hospital systems in the country to solo practitioners.

Our emphasis will continue to be around the role of the patient in the new world of healthcare, and maximizing their involvement in care

According to Siu Tong, healthcare organizations are turning towards robust, cloud-based and mobile technologies, because they are faster to implement and cheaper to maintain. For example, Smartlink is leveraging the latest healthcare IT standard to effectively exchange information with any 2015 MU2 certified EHR without costly integrations, achieving a near universal and rapid electronic exchange of patient information between virtually any EHR. The company is continuing to deliver innovations that ease the burden of value-based payment models, and sees mobile health as integral in a value-based world. “Our emphasis will continue to be around the role of the patient in the new world of healthcare, and maximizing their involvement in care,” concludes Siu Tong.

Smartlink Mobile Systems

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Siu Tong, Chairman & CEO

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