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Scott Finlay, President & CEO
With more than 30 years of business management experience, Scott Finlay, President and CEO, MaxMD, fosters an environment of intellectual honesty and open dialog between all team members and his clients. One of the many fundamental operating principles on which the success of MaxMD has been built. So what other factors make MaxMD excel in the healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions space? Their flexible system infrastructure and a commitment to build scalable solutions that can be easily implemented. Finlay adds, “It does not have to be a radical new technology, it should be technology that fits into the client’s infrastructure or workflow that addresses the problem without causing disruptions.”

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Healthcare Information Technology announced the Direct Protocol as an ‘interoperability’ solution for the secure exchange of healthcare data. Leveraging this, MaxMD delivers rapidly deployable, cost-effective, and scalable interoperability solutions. “We believe MaxMD offers great value by expanding the role of a Health Information Service Provider (HISP) beyond the original Meaningful Use dictated use cases,” remarks Finlay. The firm is innovating and leveraging both the technology and the Trust-in-Identity Policy infrastructure established by DirectTrust. By incorporating tools such as Encryption as a Service®, Hosted Direct mdEmail®, MaxIntegration™, MaxAlerts™, MaxNLP™, DirecText™, Direct-On-Fire™, and Patient and Consumer Direct Addresses, MaxMD creates lightweight, scalable, and sustainable Health Information Exchange (HIE) solutions that can be applied in real time while “data is in motion.” “We solicit and listen to clients’ challenges and then develop a solution utilizing the different tools we have at our disposal,” says Finlay.

MaxMD provides easily accessible tools and services that can be incorporated or interfaced with virtually any existing Healthcare Information Technology system. “At MaxMD we are focused on interoperability and creating sustainable and scalable solutions for all constituencies in the healthcare space,” adds Finlay. Furthermore, the firm has grown significantly over the last year and is expanding its services in response to client’s needs.

The flexible rules-based engine automates unique workflows and eases interoperability across the care ecosystem

With smart rules engines, MaxNLP and MaxIntegration, the firm is further leveraging the Direct Protocol to deliver different data payloads to different end points and allow organizations to trigger automated alerts and notifications. One example of how the firm operates involves a relatively new client who was developing a mobile application for physicians. Leveraging their MaxIntegration Engine, MaxMD was able to package an Unstructured Binary Large Object (BLOB) as a Continuity of Care Document (CCD) that every ONC Certified EMR was able to consume. “We then structured a deal that would allow them to demonstrate proof of concept for a number of prospective clients,” states Finlay. Besides, the collaboration also provided the client with broad interoperability and increased functionality down the road that the client can offer to their users and further differentiate their product.

Discussing their recent endeavors, Finlay touches upon MaxAlerts, MaxMD’s intelligent Direct Messaging solution that leverages customizable rule sets and real-time delivery of clinical data that assist care coordinators to manage medium to high risk patients. “The flexible rules-based engine automates unique workflows and eases interoperability across the care ecosystem—delivering the right information to the right caregiver at the right time,” says Finlay. “We have several exciting projects that we are working on, which involve using Digital Signature technology, registries, and Patient Direct Addresses as well as tackling large file payloads. We are excited about the opportunities we see for DirecText and the Direct Protocol in the telemedicine space on the whole. The more healthcare organizations understand about the versatility of the Direct Protocol the more our pipeline grows,” concludes Finlay.


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Scott Finlay, President & CEO

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