Newport Credentialing Solutions: Leveraging the Cloud to Innovate the Credentialing Life Cycle

Scott Friesen, CEO
As healthcare continues to evolve, doors are open for innovative technology solution providers to set the pace for the industry’s future; one such provider is New York-based Newport Credentialing Solutions. Leveraging cloud technology to provide innovative credentialing software solutions and IT enabled services, Newport lays the groundwork for their clients to take control of their credentialing life cycle. While a myriad of credentialing service ideas have been tossed around for many years, there are few national credentialing providers who offer cloud-based credentialing software and service as a pure play business.

Newport places provider enrollment squarely in the middle of the revenue cycle, which enables clients to offer better clinical care and improved financial outcomes. “Provider enrollment is a critical aspect of the revenue cycle. If a provider is not enrolled correctly, you will not be paid correctly,” asserts Scott Friesen, CEO, Newport Credentialing Solutions.

“The healthcare industry is undergoing a massive change as it moves towards the Healthcare Internet, a connected network of clinical and administrative services designed to ultimately improve patient quality and clinical outcomes. As healthcare organizations look to leverage the benefits of being connected to a secure and central network, the challenge in the provider data management and credentialing industry is to successfully manage all of the various credentialing data silos. Newport’s mission is to break down these data silos so that hospitals and providers can share data seamlessly.”

“We have developed a cloud-based platform that gives clients the ability to take control of their credentialing life cycle in an entirely transparent manner,” explains Friesen. Newport offers two core cloud-based products, the first of which is designed to allow providers to manage credentialing on their own. Newport’s CARE cloud platform breaks the credentialing life cycle into tasks and, using intuitive workflow technology, enables clients to efficiently and accurately manage each step of the credentialing life cycle. The second offering is a bundled software/service offering in which Newport manages a client’s enrollment on their behalf utilizing the CARE technology.

If a provider is not enrolled correctly, you will not be paid correctly

The Newport Difference

Newport’s software is unique in that its innovative workflow drives the user, not the other way around. Additionally, the simple drag-and-drop nature of Newport’s business intelligence tools offer unparalleled transparency into every step of the credentialing life cycle. One of the most innovative features of Newport’s software is its ability to link provider enrollment data (a provider’s enrollment application) to a provider’s gross charges so that clients are able to understand both the operational and financial impact of their enrollment efforts. “By providing software enabled revenue transparency, we are helping clients to greatly improve their revenue cycle. For example, our ability to drop a client’s $5 million denial issue to $500,000 over an 18-month period translated to a 400 percent ROI,” explains Friesen.

Another area where Newport is disrupting the credentialing industry is their approach to workflow management. While many organizations manage their enrollment on a one-to-many basis (one credentialing specialist managing multiple providers), Newport’s technology allows it to operate on a task-based approach. This unique task-based approach allows Newport’s account team to focus on each step within the credentialing life cycle while adding high value account management services to meet the individual needs of their clients.

Newport is committed to further enhancing their technology and services offerings in the coming year. “We are focused on finding new ways to leverage data to successfully navigate the ongoing changes in healthcare. We believe leveraging the cloud to tear down data silos will have a meaningful impact not only for our clients, but also for their patients, which is our ultimate goal,” concludes Friesen.

Newport Credentialing Solutions

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Scott Friesen, CEO

Provides innovative cloud-based credential software solutions and IT enabled services that empower clients to take control of their credentialing life cycle

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