Phronetik: Healthcare Informatics Redefined

Tania Martin Mercado, President & CEO
"From a technical perspective, physicians are getting more data than they know what to do with, resulting in ‘data overload.’ Too much data can be overwhelming, and an obvious challenge exists in separating useful data from ‘noise,’ and turning that data into knowledge,” begins Tania Martin- Mercado, President and CEO, Phronetik. Even with impressive advancements in electronic health records, medical devices, and innovative wearable technology, physicians and hospitals are unable or unwilling to apply these technologies to their practices and workflows. “This is an example of a significant gap between existing technologies available in the marketplace, and the implementation of such technologies into a healthcare environment,” says Tania. This is where Phronetik’s highly skilled and qualified team comes in to seamlessly bridge the “technological” gap and make sense of healthcare data for its customers.

Phronetik delivers state-of-the-art healthcare informatics solutions designed to meet the needs of federal, state, and local health and human service agencies. In the healthcare space, Phronetik offers regionally focused teams comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in the areas of clinical research, clinical trial support, biostatistics, data analysis, machine learning, next-generation sequencing, genomics, application development, FDA regulations, and other capabilities. Apart from being a government contractor, the company also provides healthcare informatics solutions to academic medical institutions, private hospitals, private research firms, and pharmaceutical organizations. “Our core offering is healthcare informatics, and we offer additional IT services to complement our central focus,” says Tania.

Clinical trials are imperative for the advancement of medicine and must be conducted in a timely and efficient manner for high-quality results. Phronetik’s Clinical Research Informatics focuses on the acceleration of clinical trials, improved research workflows, full clinical trial support, and knowledge management related to patient health and diseases.

Phronetik is a passionate company dedicated to leveraging data and extracting information for the benefit of healthcare and research

The company extracts clinical care data and makes it available for secondary use to support clinical research and reduce time to market. “With clinical research informatics, we capture, analyze, and interpret data so patients can get enhanced treatment for their diseases,” says Tania.

Apart from its informatics solutions, Phronetik is looking forward to the release of its flagship product, iConcordia™—a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform for research and real-time clinical insights. According to Tania, iConcordia™ will derive actionable data for therapeutic intervention, environmental influence, and genetic susceptibility for a more precise approach to prevention and disease management at the point of care. It will interoperate with secure data exchanges and third party applications and systems, with strict adherence to HIPAA Security.

Phronetik’s team is comprised of MDs, PhDs, and informatics SMEs who work toward the goal of improved patient treatment and value-based outcomes, while making sense of the healthcare data that’s available in clients’ systems. To support this mission, the company has partnered with the Rutgers Institute for Translational Medicine and Science and is part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneurial Program. “We’re also in the final stages of establishing a permanent partnership with IBM Watson Health,” says Tania. These strategic partnerships will allow Phronetik to be more proactive in providing valuable data insights, knowledge, and established research back to its prestigious clients. “In the near future, we will get involved with international research projects and partner with organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) that focus on disease from a global perspective,” concludes Tania.


Plano, TX

Tania Martin Mercado, President & CEO

Provides health informatics, healthcare research and development, and IT services to government and private sector clients.