Newport Credentialing Solutions: Tearing Down Data Silos within Healthcare

Scott Friesen, CEO
As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, an increasing number of healthcare organizations are moving from client-server environments to cloud-based environments. Yet a significant portion of the industry continues to remain tethered to client-server environments which create unnecessary data silos and cause significant data integrity issues. On the provider data management front, there are limited cloud platforms that offer a single database and multi-channel architecture capable of running broad analytics across a huge spectrum of data. Data consolidation is also a problem. Even if several credentialing and enrollment tools are used, they only cater to one data source at a time. Newport Credentialing Solutions was created to break down these credentialing data silos and streamline the flow of data across multiple data systems.

Newport is transforming the credentialing technology space with its cloud-based provider credentialing and enrollment software by enhancing the provider data management lifecycle and breaking down data barriers between hospitals, providers, and payers. Newport also helps with data cleansing which provides security to patients while increasing revenue generation for providers.

“At Newport, we want to break the silos, reduce cost, and increase revenue for clients while enhancing clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction,” states Scott Friesen, CEO, Newport. Newport’s cloud-based enrollment credential software features 20 different modules which help clients manage the credentialing lifecycle from data entry to full enrollment and connects gross financial charges to all in-process enrollment applications. Newport also provides cloud-enabled support services with staff to assist healthcare systems in managing the credentialing process. Clients using Newport’s cloud-based credentialing and provider enrollment enterprise-wide platform have the option to outsource the credentialing and provider enrollment process to Newport or license Newport’s technology to conduct the credentialing and enrollment process themselves.

To improve data integrity, Newport provides their clients with portals which help them refer back to clients in the event information provided is inaccurate. Newport embeds their technology into the daily workflow of hospitals, health systems, and medical group clients for easy data entry, lookup, and validation. Friesen explains that the company’s cloud-enabled CARE suite of products inculcates the concept of revenue and credentialing into their client’s daily processes through the use of a singular platform.

At Newport, we want to break the silos, reduce cost, and increase revenue for clients while enhancing clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction

The CARE portal tool, an online information exchange solution, allows clients to request any change, add, or delete regarding their provider’s profile directly into the platform’s multi-tenant platform. Newport uses third-party encryption tools to ensure data security and customizes their technology to mimic the organizational structure of clients to best serve their interest. Additionally, Newport spends an extensive amount of time validating data with insurance companies to reduce the data cleansing workload of its clients.

Friesen shares a case wherein Cooper University Healthcare was losing millions of dollars on enrollment denials. With Newport’s bundled provider enrollment software and services, the healthcare system was able to reduce 90 percent of denials within 18-24 months of the product’s implementation. Newport launched their technology, on-boarded the client, and conducted a PAR/non- PAR analysis to validate their baseline for enrollment. Newport’s reporting and analytics tool also helped the client understand challenges related to real-time information gathering and enabled gross charges to be linked to in-progress applications for tracking performance on a day-to-day basis. As a result, the client was able to collect $1.5 million incremental revenue during the first year of implementation.

Healthcare reforms have created numerous opportunities to improve provider data management. Newport has built a robust roadmap to take advantage of these opportunities and to manage data processing in a far more cost-effective and efficient manner. “As one of the largest providers of enrollment software and services we manage about 45,000 providers. But of the 1.2 million enrollable providers in the U.S., it is only a drop in the bucket,” states Friesen. Therefore, for 2018, Newport’s main focus is on expanding its cloud-based provider data management and credentialing footprint to create a more accurate and streamlined provider data management landscape.

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Scott Friesen, CEO

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