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Robert Pock, CEO
Healthcare information technology (HIT) holds the promise of delivering efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality care. However, the fragmented approach to digital transformation by the healthcare industry, driven often by changing regulations from year to year, has remained a serious impediment to uncover optimal benefits from the HIT. In a nut shell, the delivery of services and the technology are not synchronized. Ameliorating the situation is TCS Healthcare Technologies, a leading software solutions provider, offering care management software solutions through a suite of integratable, person-centric products designed for health plans, TPAs and risk-bearing healthcare organizations.

TCS Healthcare Technologies’ Acuity suite has come to offer a comprehensive solution to care management. Acuity Advanced Care, the flagship platform of the suite, is a user-friendly application that provides the flexibility to support a variety of health management programs with specific needs. It is designed with the sole purpose of promoting easier workflows for care management. Acuity Connect is a bi-directional web-based portal that allows providers, collaborators and other external users to submit authorizations, receive approvals, view a summary of member records, check eligibility, and collaborate with care team members. AcuStrat, a data stratification and population management tool, facilitates pre-configured automated actions based on business logic and algorithms.

All these impeccable platforms are developed in a standardized format, helping the care managers overcome the challenge of interoperability, and achieve efficient workflows. In addition, all the platforms offer flexibility to configure automation that help in facilitating active dialogue between the health plan’s member and care coordinator. “The inbuilt assessments play a great role in streamlining the care management process and in engendering an effective care plan,” says Robert Pock, CEO, TCS Healthcare Technologies.

When TCS Healthcare technologies’ enters into a partnership with a client, it first sends clinical staff to the project site to develop a comprehensive understanding of the client’s workflow. Then based on the unique workflows and procedures of the care management teams, its experienced staff, holding immense knowledge of the healthcare domain implement customized solutions.
“The inbuilt flexibility of our product suite enables automated simulation of the workflows, thus facilitating customized solutions based on user-defined requirements,” states Pock. Once the configuration of the suite is done, TCS Healthcare Technologies provides full-fledged training and consulting to optimize the benefits which the Acuity suite has to offer. It is TCS Healthcare Technologies’ attribute of being an independent software provider that helps them spearhead the interests of their client as the foremost priority.

The inbuilt flexibility of our product suite enables automated simulation of the workflows, thus facilitating customized solutions based on user-defined requirements

TCS Healthcare Technologies commitment to care management from the past thirty years is indeed a testament to its proven solutions. A case to illustrate is its recent experience with a leading physician-owned TPA based in Texas. Before approaching TCS Healthcare Technologies, the TPA had entered into a partnership with another vendor who failed to implement an operational care management solution. Enter TCS Healthcare Technologies, it first developed a precise understanding of the TPA’s requirements, and then implemented the solution targeting the exact workflow requirements of the organization.

Moving ahead, TCS Healthcare technologies looks forward to launching a highly scalable cloud-based application called ACUITYnxt, moving TCS Healthcare’s domain knowledge to the next generation. “ACUITYnxt is intended to bring a new approach to solutions by adopting the same in-depth domain knowledge, expertise, and experience,” remarks Pock. Having already established itself in the U.S., TCS Healthcare Technologies also looks forward to expanding into new verticals and global markets.

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Robert Pock, CEO

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