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Paul Black, CEO
2017 has been a brilliant year for Allscripts. Coming afresh from all its successful endeavors in the previous year that saw double-digit growth in every major metric, including R&D spend, the-company has continued on its journey of progress— delivering on the obligations set for 2017 and beyond. With a budding strength across its broad client base, Allscripts’ solution portfolio continues to perform, and its operational discipline and investments are delivering great results. So what’s the fuel that keeps the health IT vendor running? What makes this 35 years old company still deliver in this hastily filling up EHR arena? The organization’s belief that there is only one way to successfully shift to patient-centered, value-based care: open and interoperable community-aware solutions.

Ten years ago, Allscripts was the first in the industry to embrace open technology. It worked with more than 1,000 global third-party developers by providing FHIR APIs—free of charge and with no approvals. Today, the approach assists the company’s clients to quickly integrate the applications they need. “Our open ecosystem of solutions has enabled more than 2.5 billion data shares in just four years,” mentions Paul Black, CEO, Allscripts. Allscripts solutions are also truly interoperable and vendor-agnostic as they deliver insights to the point of care— within the provider’s existing workflow. This open-plus-interoperable combination is what makes a truly connected community, and steers them apart from the competition curve.

By offering an open platform-based solution portfolio, Allscripts assists CIOs in balancing competing priorities with limited budgets by solving the care coordination quandary. As financial pressure continues to drive costs out of healthcare, they need technology that enables smarter care delivery. More than ever before, payment and delivery system reform is requiring tighter collaboration across fragmented settings. Allscripts makes it easier for clinicians to share patient data across care settings, giving them complete, real-time information at their fingertips. The company makes individualized and coordinated care possible by giving patients, and caregivers access to all data—no matter where that information resides.

Our open ecosystem of solutions has enabled more than 2.5 billion data shares in just four years

Being built on Microsoft’s open architecture, Allscripts technology endows simplicity for its clients to add, upgrade or swap components. Further, an open system makes the process seamless and enables Allscripts to adapt and innovate according to the specific organization and patient population needs. To quote an instance, NewYork-Presbyterian (NYP), a nonprofit university hospital has been using open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) since 2014 to achieve interoperability and solve clinical challenges. The hospital has successfully addressed much integration this way, such as linking inpatient documentation with outpatient billing, populating vital information into flow-sheets more efficiently, and uploading images in the burn unit to track patient progress.

Furthermore, to deliver more personalized care plans, Allscripts has also invested in precision medicine, the approach to combine clinical information with a patient’s genomic information. With 2bPrecise, an Allscripts company, the vendor is working with the National Institutes of Health and other clients to bring its clinical-genomic solution to the point of care. Though an emerging market, the company believes that clinicians are already excited about the power and potential which precision medicine brings to the table.

Allscripts clients are focusing on several fronts in this evolving EHR landscape which includes improving outcomes with more standard, consistent care, and standardizing data capture and harmonization. The company is well-positioned to deliver on all fronts with its broad portfolio of solutions, and constant innovation. Better clinical decisions lead to better outcomes and Black comments that the only way to get there is via a truly connected community—portraying Allscripts bottom line.


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Paul Black, CEO

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