SAI Technology: Delivering an AI-Powered, Integrated Secure Telehealth Solution

Dr. Venkata Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO
In the healthcare industry, today, doctors are faced with an uphill task when accessing and sharing a patient’s medical records, owing to the divergent and standalone nature of electronic health record systems (EHR) of the current day and age. On top of that, these self-sufficient EHR systems do not provide healthcare experts the much-needed ability to collaborate with one another in a safe and reliable manner. These limitations prompted a California-based telehealth solution provider—SAI Technology—to develop an EHR system that combines telemedicine, cybersecurity, and enterprise collaboration tools.

SAI Technology’s solution automates a multitude of EHR operations while considering security measures to reduce cost and manual human intervention. The company understands that only 10 percent of hospitals and medical care firms have adopted modern telemedicine solutions, despite the notion that around 95 percent of patients favor telemedicine services as opposed to currently available healthcare services. As a result of these market trends, SAI Technology’s team has always kept the current trends and technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) at the forefront of its innovative strides. “Using AI, our integrated EHR system automates all the manual processes, enabling clients to save a considerable amount of money and time, whilst improving productivity and effectiveness of their business,” mentions Dr. Venkata Rayapati, founder, Chairman, and CEO of SAI Technology.

In the process of installing and implementing the integrated EHR system for clients, SAI Technology first relays the necessary information pertaining to its integrated system and telemedicine to clients. Thereafter, the company deploys the EHR system either on cloud or on-premise platforms, as preferred by the customers. As an extension to on-premise deployment, SAI Technology supports virtualization of servers to ensure zero downtime of the system. Additionally, the firm also offers hybrid platforms for its clients who run their business both on the cloud and the in-house systems. “The EHR system, telemedicine, collaboration, and security aspects are independent of a hardware-based setup, which makes them flexible to run on any of the platforms,” says Dr Rayapati.

Using AI, our integrated EHR system automates all the manual processes, enabling clients to save a considerable amount of money and time

Moreover, SAI Technology’s team takes into consideration the relevance and value of healthcare regulations that clinical facilities are obligated to follow. “Around 73 percent of hospitals lose their data during a cyber attack. While employing cybersecurity measures against such attacks is bound to help healthcare firms safeguard their data, complying with various laws laid down for the same is of paramount importance,” says Dr Rayapati. Abiding by these prerequisites, the company offers a plug-in module along with its integrated system to help medical laboratories, hospitals, home healthcare, and nursing homes comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) rules and regulations.

These developments shed light on the positive disruptions made by the company in the healthcare sector. SAI Technology not only helps large hospitals successfully adopt telemedicine but also provides complete automation capabilities, along with resource sharing and collaborative functionalities amongst doctors. One of the instances where SAI Technology transformed a legacy EHR system of a client better exemplifies the abilities that the company’s integrated system brings to the table. The client had already lost a significant amount of data due to a conventional approach toward cybersecurity, and therefore, sought SAI Technology’s help in an effort to improve their current security infrastructure and economic status. SAI Technology implemented a solution that combined EHR system with telemedicine, collaboration tools, and cybersecurity, aiding the client in overhauling their productivity by a factor of 50 percent.

SAI Technology now envisions catalyzing many such success stories in the future. The company is also planning a worldwide expansion by entering the European and APAC markets in the next three years.

SAI Technology

Santa Clara, CA

Dr. Venkata Rayapati, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Offers an integrated EHR system combined with telemedicine, collaboration, security, and automation to the healthcare industry

SAI Technology