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Mark Crockett, CEO
If a group of people is queried as to the public places where they feel safest, “a hospital” would be an answer that dominates the survey. After all, they ought to feel out of harm’s way in the midst of nurses and medical practitioners who dedicate their entire lives toward treating the unwell. And yet, a recent study, conducted by John Hopkins University, revealed that hospital medical errors are the third leading cause of deaths in the U.S., trailing only heart failure and cancer.

While many of these errors can be avoided with precautionary measures, not to mention the right use of technology, there is a dire need for healthcare processes to be fixed from within. This need, to create a safer environment in hospitals, happens to be the undertaking of Verge Health—a healthcare solution provider based in South Carolina. With its unique approach to patient safety, the organization is empowering hundreds of sites throughout Cleveland Clinic’s health system. Its software solution is not only being utilized by almost 1000 Cleveland Clinic employees, but also scores of hospital staff in hospitals and health systems across the nation.

Verge Health is incorporating techniques that originate from outside the healthcare sector, to create a perpetual state of readiness for hospital patients. Some of these methods include continuous and random safety audits, perennial product improvement, and a set of mobile tools that are both technologically advanced and user-friendly. “In the past, hospitals tried compliance techniques, but they didn’t yield favorable results. By using our software solutions, Cleveland Clinic is gathering 10,000 audit points a month, across 500 facilities. This helps them fix hundreds of errors before any of them becomes a patient threat,” says Mark Crockett, CEO, Verge Health.

The healthcare sector, a lot like the airline industry, is complex by nature. Since physicians aren’t necessarily employed by hospitals, the level of internal communication needed to generate better data is often not there. According to Crockett, since most mishaps in the healthcare sector go unreported, the hospitals aren’t equipped to conduct apt investigations.

This is where Verge Health steps in. By availing its level of system knowledge and compliance, clients are gaining access to newfound data.

By using our software solutions, Cleveland Clinic is gathering 10,000 audit points a month, across 500 facilities. This helps them fix hundreds of errors before any of them becomes a patient threat

“When an investigation happens, clients can identify the problem to be at a system level, and not at a provider level. This gives them an opportunity to fix the problems and ensure it never happens again. Outside of healthcare, feedback loops like these are common. But inside healthcare, they don’t have enough data,” explains Crockett.

To cap it off, the tool’s algorithms generate reports, which encompass dos and don’ts that hospitals can follow, to avoid future incidents. Earlier this year, Verge Health launched a brand new AI-based patient safety surveillance tool, which has received noteworthy reviews from its client base. In the event of a severe hospital slip-up, the tool effectively scans all available EMRs and other data systems, to capture the event and ensure investigation, follow-up, and cascading lessons learned throughout the organization.

The human element in the healthcare industry can’t be understated. Since everyone is technically a patient, the organizations trying to profit from the industry, and the personnel involved in improving the healthcare process, stand to benefit, too. “There are two sets of consumers in this sector: 1) the health system, and 2) the patients. Eventually, we are all patients. By helping our hospitals get better processes and systems, we are just setting the stage for ourselves to get a better quality of care. That’s why this is personal to us, and not just business,” says Crockett.

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Mark Crockett, CEO

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