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Syed Arshad, CEO
As digitization sweeps across industries, enterprises in the healthcare sector are adopting the latest technological innovations in their quest to stay ahead of the curve. They are constantly on the lookout for cost-effective solutions that can help them accelerate their journey to digital healthcare. Today, with an expanding clientele that includes major names from the healthcare, biopharma, and life sciences sector, this is precisely what NewPage Solutions brings to the table.

NewPage Solutions develops leading-edge solutions focused on four major arenas in the digital health space. These include patient engagement and connected health, remote patient monitoring, virtual research, and the use of augmented intelligence in understanding healthcare data. The company offers assistance to organizations at every stage in the healthcare ecosystem - from strategy, design, and development to obtaining successful outcomes. “Our ultimate objective is to support our clients through personalized digital health solutions that utilize the latest technological innovations,” explains Syed Arshad, CEO of NewPage Solutions.

NewPage Solutions’ personalized portals and mobile health applications facilitate information exchange between patients and healthcare providers for improved health outcomes. The company’s capabilities in wellness and remote patient monitoring has enabled them to provide a range of solutions that improve clinical trials, retention, and outcomes. In addition, the company extends its expertise in virtual research and the usage of open source technology platforms such as ResearchKit and MyStudies and applies advancements like machine learning and predictive analytics to improve the accuracy of patient data for clinical trials and other attributes regarding the same.

While working with an expansive healthcare client base, the NewPage Solutions team deciphered a repetitive pattern in the solutions that the clients demanded. Sensing an opportunity in this repetitive pattern, the team developed a proprietary patient engagement and connected health platform. This serves as the foundation on which further functionalities can be built to develop a solution according to the clients’ varied requirements, presenting them with a twin advantage— reduced cost and time to market.

Our ultimate objective is to support our clients through personalized digital health solutions that utilize the latest technological innovations

With several success stories to their credit, NewPage Solutions’ diligent team works toward delivering best-in-class solutions to their clients. Arshad attributes NewPage Solutions’ innovative developments to their team of experts proficient in varied disciplines such as IoT in healthcare, patient engagement, and genomics. Most of the team members have been with NewPage Solutions for an average tenure of close to a decade. “We do not compromise on the quality of our team and hire only the best individuals who can work without any external supervision, which translates into the top-notch solutions that we offer,” explains Arshad.

NewPage Solutions’ methodical approach to design and develop a solution is yet another highlight that helps them deliver innovative solutions that transform. First off, the team understands the client’s requirements, drafts a proposal, and then develops the solution according to their specifications. For customers that have a clear idea of their requirements and have a specific budget, NewPage Solutions assists them in a consultative manner where the team works with the client and aids them in developing the solutions. The company follows a hybrid delivery model where NewPage Solutions works with an ensemble of onshore and offshore resources to deliver cutting-edge solutions. In cases where the client requires a complex solution combining different scientific backgrounds, NewPage Solutions works collaboratively with its sister company, Qiyas Higher Health, to develop the final output.

As of 2019, NewPage Solutions has reached yet another milestone by delivering over 30 digital assets to their global clientele. In a move to stay updated with the latest technology and scale their solutions, the NewPage Solutions team is focusing on adding innovative features and capabilities in the upcoming year and enhancing their existing platform to provide better solutions to the healthcare ecosystem.

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Syed Arshad, CEO

NewPage Solutions helps healthcare and life sciences organizations in accelerating their digital transformation through its personalized and innovative digital health solutions. The company utilizes the best practices to deliver highly innovative solutions to users and businesses. NewPage Solutions partners with clients across the healthcare ecosystem at every stage of strategy, design, development and outcomes – including problem definition, architecture, strategy and service design, user research, UX design and agile software development. NewPage Solutions unleashes AI’s transformative power in healthcare and integrates education, health and monitoring to better serve humanity

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