Silva Consulting Solutions: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Healthcare

Isaiah Silva, Founder, and Principal
Healthcare systems around the globe are struggling with rising costs and inconsistent management quality, negating the hard work of well-intentioned, well-trained clinicians. To address such challenges, healthcare experts are desperate to minimize errors, enforce practice guidelines and implement electronic medical records—but often without much impact on efficiencies or profit. Silva Consulting Solutions (SCS) offers much-needed relief to healthcare organizations by leveraging an inter-disciplinary and multi-faceted solution-based approach to help them achieve their objectives. SCS understands and resolves every problematic aspect of the client’s project by providing flexible, scalable, and sustainable solutions that perfectly align with the client’s project requirement, helping to lower the costs associated with healthcare by building efficient processes.

Silva Consulting Solutions rises above competitors by forging trusting relationships with each client and providing services that exceed client expectations. “We interact with each client on a personal level to educate and empower. Our goal is to help clients examine and understand current system challenges and weaknesses while developing solutions to maximize efficiencies” explains Isaiah Silva, the Founder, and Principal of Silva Consulting Solutions, when elucidating on one of the company’s core philosophies.

Since its establishment in 2013, Silva Consulting Solutions has enacted innovative solutions for recurring healthcare facility issues and delivered effective results in areas of both direct and indirect patient care. The company’s out-of-the-box solutions play strategic roles in helping organizations navigate through complex healthcare regulations. SCS’s unique value proposition is perfectly illustrated by a solution developed for a Boston-area hospital. The hospital was struggling with regulatory, practical and ethical issues involving the determination of whether pieces of medical equipment were properly cleaned before each direct patient use. SCS created a unique department called Central Equipment Services (CES), responsible for the management and cleanliness of the hospital’s mobile medical equipment.
This proved beneficial for the hospital by saving labor costs and building efficiencies. Through its ability to both ensure and illustrate the cleanliness factor of each piece of equipment, this solution was praised by regulators as best practice.

We interact with each client on a personal level to educate and empower. Our goal is to help clients examine and understand current system challenges and weaknesses while developing solutions to maximize efficiencies

While this new efficiency was an accomplishment in itself, SCS did not stop there. They also integrated an RFID tag system to the process—adding speed, accuracy, efficiency, and security to an ever-expanding range of solutions. When an order for a specific piece of equipment is placed, the CES team now delivers it to the requesting unit, directly to the patient’s bedside. Once the equipment is used, it is stored in a predetermined location for return to the main storage area, processed through a specific deep-cleaning procedure before being placed back into circulation.

To create a brighter future, SCS is firmly committed to promoting the highest healthcare standards in tandem with environmental awareness as a part of a sustainability agenda. As part of a portfolio of projects, SCS works to recycle and reduce waste for its clients and has successfully lowered the carbon footprint for clients by minimizing the trash placed in landfills and turning that waste into energy. Bolstered by such feats, the company plans to extend its ventures throughout America’s northeast, providing effective solutions that will minimize the support costs associated with providing healthcare. “Our company firmly believes that during stressful times, improving and developing sustainable solutions should be at the forefront of organizational thinking,” concludes Silva.

Silva Consulting Solutions

Dedham, MA

Isaiah Silva, Founder, and Principal

Silva Consulting Solutions is a full-service Environmental, Health, & Safety and Business Management Consulting firm that specialize in customized and sustainable solutions providing services that exceed expectations through delivering technical and professional solutions that add value for any business. Since establishment, Silva Consulting Solutions has continued helping businesses find innovative solutions for problematic and recurring issues, delivering effective results in areas within patient care, and other departments supporting the medical field. Silva’s out-of-the-box solutions, has often played a strategic role in helping an organization navigate through complex healthcare regulations

Silva Consulting Solutions