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Dean Erhardt, President & CEO
Founded in 2008, D2 Solutions is a multi-pronged pharma consulting and SaaS technology provider, catering directly and indirectly to pharma manufacturers, distributors, specialty pharmacies, hubs, hospital systems, providers and patients. The company has launched over 350 products across the spectrum of traditional medicine, biologics, durable medical equipment, and digital health offerings. In light of that experience, D2 creates technology-based environments for streamlining functions such as gathering information via initial outreach to patients, benefits verification, prior authorization submission, facilitation of co-insurance programs, and criteria-based patient management."D2 has become an effective middleware to the industry that enables call centers, pharmacies, and other stakeholders to become more efficient in servicing patients, getting them on a product and helping them stay on therapy," says Dean Erhardt, President & CEO of D2 Solutions.

Unlike entities that provide single-point solutions, D2 enables a series of solutions focused on accelerating patients access to products. These solutions are focused on leveraging technology that brings solutions to stakeholders including but not limited to patients, providers, payers, manufacturers, pharmacies, specialty pharmacies, PBM’s, HUB’s and hospital/IDN’s.

For its specialty pharmacy clients, D2 has developed advanced, SaaS-based platforms to improve their operational efficiency. The company developed a reaccreditation and regulatory compliance platform that offers actionable insights to clients and enables them to stay accredited and compliant to literally hundreds of regulatory updates. Similarly, the company’s License Tracking solution helps clients across multiple industries track changes ensuring regular license updates.

That’s not all! Having in-depth knowledge about the internal workings of manufacturer supported programs, D2 has developed a patient engagement and management platform that enables patient care coordinators to get people on therapy and refill prescriptions diligently.This unique solution draws inspiration from gaming technology to collect clinical data points, including information about refills, adherence self-reports, and medication start dates to submit to the payers and gain prior authorizations on time. D2 creates effective touchpoints between patients and pharmacies, PBMs, clinics, hospital systems, or physicians, allowing a secured two-way communication gateway between patients and appropriate healthcare staff. In addition, D2's modularized solutions enable clients to utilize them according to their business model.
We do not compel users to leverage our solution if their business does not require it. Instead, they can choose the plug and play modules to construct workflows relative to what they need to successfully market a product or fulfill patient services," he adds.

D2 prides itself on delivering the best technology for the internal workflow of their client stakeholders. For example, the company partnered with a specialty pharmacy facing challenges around reaching out to patients for new and refill prescription coordination with manual telephony and auto-dialers. D2 deployed its patient engagement technology to support prescription management coordination, real-time bi-directional communication, and workflow automation. The solution generated positive outcomes, including reducing outbound telephone outreaches by 61%, improvement in prescription turnaround times, improvement of over 80% of the team's productivity. In addition 63% of the patients responded within 24 hours and an 86% response rate within 48 hours. D2 also helped another specialty pharmacy alleviate unsuccessful outbound telephone outreach and productivity loss for their patient care coordinator team. The company implemented its patient engagement technology and successfully enrolled 85% of the targeted patient cohort onto the platform. The platform replaced over 3,000 manual outreach calls and helped the team realize a 10% increase in productivity by automating refill management and scheduling activities. Most surprisingly 26% of patients who were previously unresponsive to telephonic outreach opted to enroll in the digital experience resulting in ongoing medication refills.

We are focused on one outcome: getting patients to the right therapy on time and helping them stay on it by reducing the friction that has historically affected the market

Having scripted many such success stories, looking ahead, D2 is currently focused on completing a solution that automates benefit verification and integrating it into providers' electronic medical records (EMRs) for a better patient experience. "D2 is using technology to set a new standard in terms of what a patient experience can be. We are focused on one outcome: getting patients to the right therapy on time and helping them stay on it by reducing the friction that has historically negatively impacted the patient experience," concludes Erhardt

D2 Solutions

Chesterfield, MO

Dean Erhardt, President & CEO

D2 Solutions empowers healthcare leaders with a unique combination of SaaS solutions and deep consulting expertise. We bring pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, pharmacies & support providers, and patients together. It’s an approach we call, “The Point of Progress.” That’s both a promise and a call to action, empowering manufacturers to bring therapies to market faster and pharmacies to bring those therapies to the patients who need them. We lead manufacturers through the commercialization process, adding value to Trade & Distribution, Market Access & Reimbursement, and Patient Services. We also stand with pharmacies and hospital IDNs, providing the guidance they need to achieve compliance and licensure, solve regulatory challenges, and better connect with patients. Our proprietary technologies move clients even closer to their goals, finding that one point where everything moves forward.

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