MedVision: An All-Inclusive Solution to Simplify Healthcare Administration

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Albert Sosa, CEO
The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed everyone into the deep end of uncertainty, reminding us how unpredictable and volatile the world is. It shaped the story for all sectors and industries, leaving a huge structural shift that could have longer-lasting impacts. For health care delivery organizations, effective responses to the pandemic required departures from many conventional practices—from managing the supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE) to adjusting workforce capacity.

The unexpected turn of events made healthcare leaders, IPAs (independent physician association), and other provider risk-bearing organizations (RBOS) realize the importance of better equipping themselves with a framework for creating resilience and agility in the organization’s daily processes.

This is where the need for an integrated MedTech solution provider like MedVision is crucial to design comprehensive administration solutions for payer organizations and delegated risk models within the healthcare industry.

Since its inception in 1994, MedVision has been instrumental in creating multifunctional, innovative, and adaptable software tools for the various operational needs of population health management, care coordination, and managed care services type organizations. Their diverse and extended footprint brings together leading-edge expertise from across the globe, supporting clients worldwide.

“With years of experience in applying administrative technological solutions, our software tools are up-to-date and fully adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry,” says Albert Sosa, CEO, MedVision.

MedVision’s mission is to improve the lives of the population. The patient care and service experience through technologybased solutions are designed to enhance the quality of population health management, care coordination, and value-based delivery strategies of clients within their specific business model. With their web application software QuickCap v7.0 platform, MedVision is streamlining healthcare claims processing workflow, accelerating clinical data procedures, and improving financial outcomes.

QuickCap (QC7) provides the technological innovation that can propel Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) to better manage complex, chronic cases and populations and the related value-based revenue streams to best meet the objectives in shared or global risk arrangements. The software is designed to handle the different workflows related to healthcare-payer services so that payviders, healthcare-payer service providers can meet multiple operational needs with one solution.
The web portal comes with comprehensive reimbursement abilities, evidence-based guidelines, claims adjudication, embedded HIPAA standard EDI formats, referral/authorization processing, and workflow automation.

“We provide exceptional customer service with formalized customer support including a tracking and management mechanism within our organization. We are able to deliver a client support request at a fraction of the time than our market competitors,” says Dan Rukavina, Director of Implementation and Training, MedVision.

With years of experience in applying administrative technological solutions, our software tools are up-to-date and fully adaptable to the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry,” says Albert Sosa, CEO, MedVision.

What differentiates MedVision in the marketplace is their true understanding of the business process to make value-based healthcare arrangements successful. The flexibility they provide in working with other complementary technologies brings in a full scope of solutions to clients. They partnered with a 35,000 member IPA organization about seven years ago, operating on a legacy platform. The legacy platform had lost the connectivity functionality between their provider network and their core administration. Upon onboarding, MedVision could quickly take a snapshot of their database, do a conversion and data migration in around 24 hours. Satisfied with the accuracy, the client went ahead with it and, within two weeks, had close to 90 percent of all their providers interacting in their network again—back to their core administrative management offices. The particular client engagement exemplifies MedVision’s agility to market and accommodate changes in their structures and provide the tools and the elements that organizations look for.

With their comprehensive set of services and products bringing the full circle of healthcare together, the company is envisioning to rule the space as a one-stop technology advisory partner. “We are going to capitalize on our agility to incorporate the new trends in this space - be it any new type of reimbursement models ranging from fee for service all the way through global capitation, to help businesses operate and run smoother," says Sosa.


Arlington Heights, IL

Albert Sosa, CEO and Dan Rukavina, Director of Implementation and Training, MedVision.

MedVision, Inc. was founded in 1994 with a big goal in mind: providing payers and other delegated risk-based organizations (RBOs) an innovative path towards streamlined end-to-end workflows.