Top 50 Healthcare Solution Companies - 2015

Healthcare is in the middle of a transformation--a transformation driven by technology. The emerging trends from wireless sensor technology and remote patient monitoring to Big Data analytics and electronic patient portals are redefining where and how healthcare is being delivered.

For the healthcare providers who are still resistant to technology, there is a big problem hand: They are going to be left behind in the competition. In this technology "revolution", the major part is played by Electronic Health Records, which is facilitating the seamless flow of data. The goal is for doctors, nurses, patients, researchers, and insurers to share useful medical data for enhanced care delivery. Another catylyst in this revolution is the ever-increasing ubiquity of mobile and cloud platforms that allow providers to track in real-time a patient’s health. These platforms capture the data from disparate sources such as wearables, phones and glucometers, and pulls it all together to give a patient and caregiver a holistic and real-time view of the patient's health.

A recent report from Accenture also points to a new trend on the rise—the emergence of machines. It's all about 'digital self scheduling'— sharing patient's own EMRs, and connecting with physicians via social platforms. According to the study, 66 percent of health systems in the U.S. will have self-scheduling by the start of 2020. And nearly half of health execs strongly agree that within three years, they'll need to focus on training machines just as much as training employees.

As more healthcare organizations invest in these technologies and system capabilities, they’re seeing positive results. The implications for privacy are numerous and worrisome, but so are the consequences of not seizing this opportunity to save lives and improve quality of life.

In this scenario, in order to assist CIOs in the identification of the right healthcare technology solutions, CIOReview presents “50 Most Promising Healthcare Tech Solution Providers 2015.” A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board has selected the top solution providers. In our selection process, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the healthcare landscape.

    Top Healthcare Solution Companies

  • 1

    5AM Solutions is a company that focuses on delivering the expertise and tools to assist the healthcare organizations keep pace with the current technology changes.

  • 2

    Provider of a cloud-based integrated engagement platform that allows interaction between patients and care-givers.

  • 3

    AGS Health is an analytics-driven, technology enabled Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) company.

  • 4

    Developed by Anesthesiologists, AnesthesiaOS is a cloud-based, modular EHR formulated for speed, intuitiveness and mobility.

  • 5

    Software provider for the healthcare industry and EMR solution for Cardiac, thoracic surgery fields.

  • 6

    Provides an open platform that could be evolved with various applications to ensure agnostic connectivity of data sources.

  • 7

    Uses a combination of technology, process, and experienced people to ensure clean, secure data that is well-organized and can integrate with other solutions

  • 8

    A national healthcare consulting firm focused solely on the business of healthcare providers

  • 9

    DocuTAP provides urgent care clinics with an innovative approach to workflow management

  • 10

    Provides healthcare organizations Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions, Quality Improvement Solutions, HIPAA Compliance Solutions

  • 11

    A clinical communication and collaboration solution provider that reduces clinical interuptions, communication breakdowns, and patient safety risks

  • 12

    Provides full-service medical billing, transcription, technology, and consulting to improve Revenue Cycle Management for large, medium, and small sized practices

  • 13

    A provider of population health management tools comprised of patient care coordination and advanced analytic capabilities

  • 14

    Provider of claim automation solutions and consulting services for healthcare payers and managed care organizations.

  • 15

    Offers a suite of solutions that enable healthcare providers and payers to reduce costs and penalties by automating care coordination, care transitions, and patient engagement.

  • 16

    Providing innovative Web-based solutions that deliver clinical and business results for the post-acute care industry.

  • 17

    KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services.

  • 18

    Provides a suite of team communication and coordination solutions that fuels productivity and throughput of healthcare delivery systems.

  • 19

    Source of affordable, dynamic, patient-centered IT solutions designed to address secure/ encrypted information sharing across web

  • 20

    A healthcare IT company dedicated to delivering and managing cutting edge products and services for healthcare providers

  • 21

    Provides business Intelligence and clinical quality measure solutions to hospitals and health systems to positively affect performance, outcomes and payments.

  • 22

    Provide a broad array of professional services such as prospective health risk assessments, readmission prevention and care management services.

  • 23

    Enterprise digital health technology that helps patients connect with their providers and become active participants in their healthcare via mobile devices.

  • 24

    Orion Health is a health specific software company that develops innovative population health management solutions for healthcare organizations across the globe.

  • 25

    A software company that delivers comprehensive solutions required to manage and grow revenue for aesthetic medical practices.

  • 26

    Reducing the cost of healthcare.

  • 27

    A single, secure clinical communication and collaboration platform that unites the care team in any care setting, across the care continuum.

  • 28

    An innovative solution provider and creator of the Plexina Platform for Enterprise Clinical Knowledge and CDS Management.

  • 29

    A provider of laboratory information software solutions to hospitals,clinics, and reference and private labs.

  • 30

    A software company offering the most powerful and flexible interface engine for the healthcare industry

  • 31

    Offers innovative practice management, electronic health record, and electronic prescribing solutions for today’s ambulatory practices.

  • 32

    A mobile health solution company delivering CCM compliant solutions, including simple, effective, and convenient communication between patients and providers.

  • 33

    Developing software products that create valuable solutions for complex problems, resulting in lasting positive change.

  • 34

    Providing healthcare with the latest tools for data analytics, while helping them optimize their processes in the newer value-based system.

  • 35

    Provides software as a service (SaaS), document conversion services, and medical claims processing to healthcare organizations.

  • 36

    Provides healthcare with data driven solutions to improve patient care through advanced data analytics.

  • 37

    A Cleveland based health tech start-up that supports patient care, while positively impacting the clinicians and providers.

  • 38

    The cloud-based clinical information management service designed exclusively for dialysis.

  • 39

    Delivering comprehensive health management platform for improved value-based care, and increased ROI.

  • 40



    A leader in healthcare information technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results.

  • 41



    A leading provider of cloud-based services and mobile applications for medical groups and health system.

  • 42



    A supplier of health care information technology solutions that optimize clinical and financial outcomes.

  • 43

    Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare

    Provides hospitals and doctors the tools to verify patient eligibility in real time and submit claims electronically by automating their billing systems and manage payments across the revenue cycle.

  • 44

    Conifer Health Solutions

    Conifer Health Solutions

    A health service company which makes them exceptional in the way they focus on strengthening both the financial health of their organization and the personal health of their patients, community, employees and members

  • 45



    A privately-held leader in ambulatory healthcare IT solutions which has clients across all 50 states and focouses on establishing long term relationship

  • 46

    GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare

    GE provides medical technologies and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and more affordable healthcare around the world

  • 47



    A healthcare performance improvement company that combines strategic market insight with rapid operational execution to help providers sustainably serve the needs of their communities and improves revenue performance across the System of CARE.

  • 48



    A healthcare revenue cycle management company that helps hospitals,health systems, academic medical centers and physician groups improve their cash flow and grow their revenue

  • 49

    NextGen Healthcare

    NextGen Healthcare

    A wholly owned subsidiary of Quality Systems,which provides integrated clinical, financial, and connectivity solutions for primary care physicians, specialist physicians, hospitals, health systems, and dental provider organizations

  • 50

    Merge Healthcare

    Merge Healthcare

    Provides innovative enterprise imaging, interoperability, and clinical solutions to advance healthcare.