Top 50 Healthcare Tech Companies - 2018

Healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds with the adoption of innovative technologies. By offering scalable and interoperable solutions, healthcare technologies have transformed the way healthcare is administered, both from a care and finance perspective. The groundbreaking technologies such as robotic surgery, laser technologies, ingestible sensors, and smart pills have reshaped the realm of healthcare.

Today, companies are pouring out on AI and machine learning to build virtual simulation environment where physicians can practice surgical procedures and rehearse, while gaining experience and knowledge. Especially with the advent of real-world evidence, companies in the healthcare industry obtain dedicated resources to support accessing, sharing, and analyzing the collected information. In tandem, mobile applications and ‘wearable’ technologies have disrupted the healthcare market helping patients, providers and life science organizations to bridge the communication gaps to create information pathway. With an effective IoT-enabled systems like asset tracking and inventory management systems, healthcare companies are able to optimize the supply of resources and provide full visibility into inventory. Further, the significant progress made in the healthcare revenue cycle management systems will certainly accelerate the payment process and drive healthcare into a modern age.

In the last few months, we have analyzed scores of healthcare solution providers in the market and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in this arena. Evaluated by a distinct panel of judges including CEOs, CIOs, and CMOs, these names are disrupting the industry and heralding a new era for healthcare industry.

Here, we present to you CIOReview’s “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top Healthcare Solution Companies

  • 1

    AcuteNet offers a secure and robust infrastructure to simplify the complexities of EMRs and EHRs, promoting a sharing economy at the same time

  • 2

    A provider of clinical decision support and alerting tools to hospitals that help in reducing overall healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes

  • 3

    Analyte Health has combined technology and services to pioneer industry’s first online diagnostic service

  • 4

    Offers the best-in-class RCM solutions for rural health systems as well as large health enterprises

  • 5

    Avelead is an innovative healthcare technology firm providing leadership and technology to deliver client results

  • 6

    Better connect care teams with their patients by improving visibility, transparency and trust

  • 7

    Provides payment accuracy solutions for healthcare payers

  • 8

    A provider of cloud-based integrated platforms for referral management, e-consults, streamlined scheduling, virtual visits, and overall telehealth management

  • 9

    An innovative healthcare technology firm offering comprehensive, consistent, tamper-proof, and longitudinal medical history through an ingenious, block-chain based platform, PatientTruth

  • 10

    G Medical Innovations is a next-generation mobile health company that offers an integrated product suite of innovative diagnostic monitoring solutions for both consumers and caregivers

  • 11

    Enhances interaction between physicians and patients through its AI based telemedicine platform

  • 12

    Provides solutions to help community health centers, federally qualified health centers and rural health clinics to provide quality and affordable care

  • 13

    Provides comprehensive package of software and professional services for population health management and analytics

  • 14

    Leading provider of billing automation software and revenue management applications, offering powerful technology solutions for medical billing offices, practices, and hospitals

  • 15

    Provides a SaaS-based, HIPAA compliant, EMR, practice management, and telehealth solution

  • 16

    Offers an all-in-one smartphone platform for better communication and collaboration of the healthcare community

  • 17

    Provides solutions for full-service revenue cycle management and medical billing

  • 18

    Leading healthcare technology and services company specializing in integrated virtual care solutions

  • 19

    Provides cloud-based Provider credentials and enrollment software and services

  • 20

    Provides comprehensive services, solutions and products designed to simplify healthcare engagement and delivery

  • 21

    Provides a full line of medical grade computer solutions for healthcare providers and medical device companies

  • 22

    Payspan is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare reimbursement and payment automation services, connecting 750 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees and 1 million consumers

  • 23

    Rethink is an industry-leading global health technology company focused on the cloud-based delivery of clinical best practice treatment tools, training and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities (such as autism) and their caregivers

  • 24

    Provides a Cloud-based clinical workflow and management solutions to hospitals, individual providers, and medical groups to optimize productivity and revenue

  • 25

    A healthcare IT company that derives value from mapping human health behavior patient-centered RWE to inform critical decisions of patients, providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies that will impact QoL and health outcomes

  • 26

    Seniorlink is a tech-enabled health services company transforming care management in the home

  • 27

    Provides a comprehensive solution to continuously monitor patients and senior citizens outside of the hospital environment, giving useful alerts for timely intervention

  • 28

    Provides communication suite and access to medical records for healthcare teams and patients

  • 29

    A leading provider of care management solutions, offering utilization management, case management, population management and other related solutions through a suite of integratable Acuity products

  • 30

    Provides simple and effective online scheduling software helping care providers, healthcare facilities and clinics to improve patient healthcare outcomes and workflow

  • 31

    Veracity offers best-in-class technology consultation services and product development strategies predominantly for the healthcare sector

  • 32

    Provides enterprise analytics platform for life sciences companies to find the right healthcare partner

  • 33

    Advanced Data Systems

    Advanced Data Systems

    Provides reliable, easy-to-use, time-tested systems for healthcare industry

  • 34

    Agfa HealthCare

    Agfa HealthCare

    Provides Healthcare IT and Digital Imaging solutions

  • 35

    Allscripts [NASDAQ:MDRX]

    Allscripts [NASDAQ:MDRX]

    Provides innovative solutions which connects people, places and data across an Open, Connected Community of Health

  • 36



    Provides innovative electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices

  • 37

    athenahealth [NASDAQ:ATHN]

    athenahealth [NASDAQ:ATHN]

    Leading provider of network-enabled services and mobile applications for medical groups and health systems

  • 38



    Provider of Healthcare IT Outsourcing, Health Information Management (HIM), EHR and Analytics to healthcare organizations

  • 39

    Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare

    Offers solutions and services to help payers and providers turn healthcare data into timely, actionable insights to optimize revenue, cost, and quality performance

  • 40

    Ciox Health

    Ciox Health

    Helps to manage, protect, and leverage health information to achieve operational improvements, optimized revenue, and better patient outcomes

  • 41

    CompuGroup Medical

    CompuGroup Medical

    Provides a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge IT solutions for the healthcare industry

  • 42



    Provides complete EHR and Practice Management solution designed to help improve practice’s efficiency and profitability

  • 43

    Conifer Health Solutions

    Conifer Health Solutions

    Offers services and solutions to hospitals, health systems, employed and affiliated physicians groups and self-insured employers

  • 44



    A global healthcare IT company, offering an innovative suite of personal health information exchange applications to deliver improved health outcomes and increased patient engagement

  • 45



    Offers integrated platform which includes practice management, electronic health records, patient portal and mobile care solution for medical practices of all sizes

  • 46



    Provides unified and integrated healthcare IT solutions for medical professionals of every size and type

  • 47



    Offers integrated electronic health records, practice management software, revenue cycle management solutions, and credentialing services for physician practices and enterprise

  • 48

    Epic Systems

    Epic Systems

    Develops, installs, and supports software for medical groups, hospitals, and integrated healthcare organizations

  • 49



    Provider of next-generation technology products to the health insurance market

  • 50

    Practice Fusion

    Practice Fusion

    Provider of cloud-based electronic health record platform for doctors and patients