Top 20 Healthcare Technology Companies - 2017

In recent years, the healthcare arena has undergone a sea change. From siloed and manually performed tasks to connected stakeholders powered by a range of technologies, the transformation has been enormous. The Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing have played a crucial role in this metamorphosis by interconnecting all the participants and expediting the conventionally tedious healthcare activities.

With every healthcare organization aiming to augment the efficiency of its care delivery processes, big data analytics emerges as a key player in enabling health organizations to achieve their goal. Data analytics provides healthcare institutions deep insights about the underlying practices and patients, facilitating the amelioration of existing workflows.

Meanwhile, a few companies are leveraging cutting-edge technologies like wearables to empower healthcare providers with actionable information, and also increase health awareness among the recipients of healthcare. Through these products and technologies, the solution providers are transforming the healthcare arena by overhauling the conventional practices.

The permutations and combinations of new technologies, tools, and practices offer an extensive range of solutions. However, the question remains: “Which is the best fit for my organization?”

In this scenario, to help CIOs find the right healthcare solution provider, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts and the CIOReview editorial board has selected the leading technology companies in this arena.

In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible solutions that add value to the complex healthcare landscape. We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Healthcare Solution Companies

  • 1

    A forward thinking organization focused on developing technology to empower patients to participate in their own care through remote patient assessments.

  • 2

    Provides enterprise-wide solutions to health plans participating in Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Affordable Care Act Marketplace programs.

  • 3

    GSI Health’s cloud-based software solutions unite patients, health care payers, and care providers of all kinds, enabling collaborative “whole person” care to improve patient health

  • 4

    A provider of secure healthcare information technology and interoperability solutions.

  • 5

    A software development and design company delivering engaging and mobile-driven health and wellness programs.

  • 6

    Provides innovative cloud-based credential software solutions and IT enabled services that empower clients to take control of their credentialing life cycle

  • 7

    Pharmalto’s mobile solution engages and empowers the individual in their health and well-being.

  • 8

    Provides health informatics, healthcare research and development, and IT services to government and private sector clients.

  • 9

    End to end revenue cycle management for hospitals and health systems.

  • 10

    Provides technology that increases the efficiency and transparency with the delivery of home and community based care.

  • 11

    Offers a unified communication platform to streamline patient care and medical responses.

  • 12

    Develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication.

  • 13

    Offers holistic insights into healthcare data by deploying the xtLytics healthcare data analytics platform.

  • 14

    Allscripts [NASDAQ:MDRX]

    Allscripts [NASDAQ:MDRX]

    Connects people, places and information across all care settings through the Open, Connected Community of Health.

  • 15

    athenahealth [NASDAQ:ATHN]

    athenahealth [NASDAQ:ATHN]

    A provider of EHR, patient engagement, practice management, care coordination, and population health services.

  • 16



    Dedicated to improving patient care, advancing the health of populations and reducing healthcare costs.

  • 17

    Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare

    Providing smart healthcare solutions to improve patient experience, enable better health of populations, and reduce the cost of care.

  • 18

    Complia Health

    Complia Health

    Provides modern, business-forward approach solutions to the clinical, operational, and financial complexities to deliver long-term and post-acute care.

  • 19

    Nuance Communications [NASDAQ:NUAN]

    Nuance Communications [NASDAQ:NUAN]

    Nuance clinical documentation solutions amplify human intelligence by providing real-time clinical guidance at the point of care.

  • 20



    Provider of health services dedicated to making the health system work better for everyone.