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Mark D. Boyce, CEO, Scribe Technology Solutions
Mark D. Boyce, CEO, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>Scribe Technology Solutions</a>

Mark D. Boyce, CEO, Scribe Technology Solutions

Scribe Technology Solutions offers innovative technology tools to healthcare professionals that improve profitability, productivity, and patient care.  These solutions help providers create, manage, and communicate the complexities of healthcare documentation by returning flexibility and control to their practice.

More than 50,000 healthcare professionals use Scribe. Our ability to tailor our products and services to the challenges of each medical practice is based in our team’s extensive experience in healthcare.

We help restore provider productivity through our simplified and easy to use services and apps. We help providers meet ever changing industry regulations and requirements.

Scribe’s vision:

• Scribe enables the capture, creation, communication, monetization, and analysis of healthcare information

• Scribe simply works. Built collaboratively with healthcare professionals for friction-free use, we respond to your needs and are constantly evolving

• Scribe adapts to your unique way of working. We are transforming healthcare: simplifying workflows, increasing physician productivity, making information more accessible and valuable

• Scribe delivers better patient care, physician productivity, and practice profitability

Scribe’s unique solutions include: 

• ScribeTeleCare™ is a telehealth solution designed and created by and for healthcare professionals. The cutting-edge design allows for a virtual replication of a provider’s physical office workflow.  Providers can use this with or without the documentation component.

• ScribeMobile™ is an app that gives providers greater freedom to focus on their patients and less attention to their computers and keyboards.  With ScribeMobile providers can capture patient encounters quickly and efficiently along with the power to review, approve, and access patient documents and schedules at any time, and any place.  By simply speaking into their device, Scribe’s technology does the rest. ScribeMobile is available for both Android and iOS devices.

• LiveScribe™ gives providers the option of having a remote, virtual scribe available during a patient visit who will and record the patient encounter in real time. This results in more focus on the patient, and faster more accurate documentation as the EMR is completed by the scribe during the encounter. LiveScribe is a feature of ScribeMobile, enabling providers to further extend the capabilities of their devices.

• Scribe’s complete family of patient encounter workflow solutions gives providers options to record, manage, complete, and communicate clinical documentation that can be combined in any way desired to solve individual organization needs.

Our tools are not out-of-the-box solutions; we work with each practice to understand their workflow and goals as work together to engineer the processes that fit best. 

Healthcare providers and patients have both adopted the regular use of telecare for many types of medical visits. Though technology had been in place for these visits, restrictions on in-person medical visits drove the demand up as the COVID-19 pandemic flared.  Scribe expects that trend in usage to continue, especially for specific types of appointments such as follow-up and behavioral health visits long after the COVID-19 pandemic diminishes.

Founder, CEO and President, Mark D. Boyce observed decades ago that very little information gathered in a patient encounter was used productively to improve the delivery and documentation of healthcare.  Boyce and the Scribe team developed state-of-the-art methods to complete clinical documentation with a focus on Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). The widespread usage of mobile phones and devices gave the foundation for Scribe to move its technology to a “platform in their hands” allowing providers accessanywhereand anytime.

An important aspect of Scribe’s work is the approach to developing the best solution for each practice. Our sales engineers listen and understand a medical practice’s workflow and goal to tailor a solution unique to that practice, giving the providers the flexibility to practice medicine more on their terms rather than with an out-of-the-box solution.

As healthcare continues to change and evolve, Scribe is ready to deploy our expertise and flexibility to continue to help providers improve profitability, productivity, and patient care.

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